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Wingu Academy’s Wellness Hub provides next-level services to ensure learner well-being in online environment

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Learner well-being is a core focus area for Wingu Academy, especially due to the increase in mental health awareness in the online environment.  In fact, Wingu Academy takes this so seriously that they have a dedicated wellness hub, called Wingu Wellness. The vision is to collaborate with students, guardians, and parents, as well as the valued staff of the Academy, to build a safe online learning environment.

“Wingu Wellness provides up to date information on mental health issues, learning barriers, coping mechanisms and stress management, to mention a few. Working alongside top names in the field, like Dr Serahni Symington, counsellor and play therapist specialist, we will be providing counselling and mediation sessions and webinars free of charge, to anyone in the Wingu Family.” says Ian Strydom, Wingu Academy’s Managing Director.

Services offered by Wingu Wellness Hub

Current services include:

  • Organising concessions for learners with learning barriers;
  • Wellness consultations with a wellness coach or qualified counsellor;
  • Monthly webinars;
  • Sensitivity training;
  • Resolution of behaviour misconduct;
  • Assisting students and parents with day-to-day educational needs, i.e. study assistance, identifying learning styles, etc.
  • Diagnostic Testing facilitated by Educationist, Dr Belinda van der Westhuizen
  • Family mediation offered through Dr Serahni Symington

How does Wingu Wellness assist students?

The Wingu Wellness Hub will be assisting students by offering consultation sessions with either the Wellness Coach or a trained therapist. This will act as a safe space for learners to talk about what is weighing on them. They also provide learner applicable content to assist them in matters that they do not feel comfortable coming forward about. They further facilitate external coaching in the form of play therapy for the younger learners, by referring them to Dr. Symington.

Wingu Wellness will also act as a means to further promote the many social clubs within the Academy to assist learners in still benefitting from the social aspects that are sometimes lacking in the cyber world. 

How does Wingu Wellness assist parents/guardians?

Assistance includes the same support as to students, but on top of that also offering family mediation through Dr Symington. “We offer comprehensive and professionally verified content to assist in matters dealing with how to cope with situations such as moving a learner from a mainstream school into an online learning environment or to things like dealing with family trauma.” says Panashe Tiffany Saungweme, Associate Director of Human Capital.

Aiming to assist the Wingu Family with their overall well-being.

“Wingu Wellness is not just an initiative to create awareness of mental barriers we may all have, but rather a platform providing a safe space to find solutions and encourage positive well-being behaviour for everyone part of the Wingu Family.” Strydom concludes.

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  • Cadi April 26, 2022 at 11:51 am

    All schools should be doing this, I really applaud you in having this available for all your students


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