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Why Choose Loreto education for your child?

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Our small class sizes enable us to foster a wonderful interaction between learners and educators.

Loreto School Queenswood is the ideal place for parents who are looking for a place where learners will be loved and challenged, rather than getting lost in the crowd.

The atmosphere at Loreto School Queenswood is Christ-centred and life giving.

Learners are challenged to grow both intellectually and spiritually.​

Learners sense a balance between high standards and grace and are encouraged to love their studies and find delight in God’s creation and all who live in it.​

Our motto is “We Grow Children for Life.”

​This is done by instilling our core values of “Joy, Freedom, Sincerity, Verity, and Justice” combined to that each is given an opportunity to grow into the best version of themselves through trying out different sports and cultural activities and interacting educationally with a variety of subjects such as robotics, art, music, technology, and science.

We offer a holistic and person-centred education in developing their faith and educating them for wisdom.​

At Loreto School Queenswood we encourage participation and celebration, leadership development and formation and inclusivity. We embrace all.


​We encourage our learners to strive for personal excellence and instil in them a commitment to being “Agents of Social Change”.

​Loreto School Queenswood has been “GROWING CHILDREN FOR LIFE” since 1972.

~~Mr. Marcello Pallozzi~ Head Of School

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