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We recognise the importance of play in a child’s development and are excited to make this programme part of Ubunye Educare Centre’s curriculum.

Ubunye Educare Centre, a registered Non-Profit Education Organisation providing early childhood development opportunities in the poorer communities of Cape Town, has successfully included a ‘Learn through Play’ programme in its curriculum, incorporating play-based learning into the children’s daily routines to enhance their learning experiences. 

“We are committed to providing quality education to our children and we believe that a Learn through Play approach to learning helps us to achieve this goal,” says Esther Cupido, Director of Operations at Ubunye Educare Centre. “We recognise the importance of making this programme part of our curriculum and have already seen the positive impact it is having on our children’s learning journeys.”

With Learn through Play, the children at Ubunye Educare Centre engage in fun and interactive learning experiences that foster their overall development. Research shows that children learn best through play, and play-based learning has been found to support the development of essential skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking, creativity and social-emotional learning. 

Key benefits of Learn through Play are briefly summarised below: 

  • encourages active engagement with the environment, as well as curiosity and motivation, allowing children to become active participants in their own learning and to develop critical thinking, problem-solving and decision-making skills; 
  • supports holistic development of cognitive, social, emotional, physical and creative skills, enhancing language and communication skills, developing motor skills, fostering creativity and imagination, and improving interaction and cooperation with others; 
  • provides opportunities for children to use their imagination and creativity, whether inventing scenarios, exploring different roles and perspectives, or experimenting with ideas and concepts, to promote cognitive flexibility, abstract thinking and new ideas; 
  • promotes social interaction and emotional development as children learn to navigate social situations, express and manage their emotions, negotiate, share, take turns, have empathy and develop resilience;  
  • sets a strong foundation for long-term learning and helps develop a positive attitude towards learning and lays the groundwork for later academic subjects such as math, science and literacy by building essential skills and fostering a love for learning; 
  • creates deep and meaningful learning experiences by encouraging children’s natural intrinsic motivation to play in a positive and enjoyable learning environment;  
  • allows for individualised learning experiences as children pursue their own interests at their own pace, make choices, and set their own goals within the context of play, supporting diverse learning styles, strengths, and abilities and enabling each child to progress and develop their unique talents.

Teachers at Ubunye Educare Centre are trained and equipped with resources to incorporate play-based learning into their lessons, and parents are also encouraged to support their children’s learning through play at home. 

“Learn through Play at Ubunye Educare Centre reflects the centre’s commitment to providing quality education to young children. This will help them develop the skills they need to succeed in school and beyond, while also promoting a love for learning that will last a lifetime,” concludes Cupido.  

Ubunye Educare Centre provides quality early childhood education, paediatric health check-ups and nutritional needs for 120 children aged 5-6 from Dunoon Township enrolled in its care every year. We invite you to join us in making a lasting impact by either donating to fund a child or make a sponsorship contribution. A contribution can ensure that a child has access to education, enabling them to pursue their dreams and build a better future. For more information on Ubunye Educare Centre and the Learn through Play programme or becoming a donor, please call 0826897128 or visit the website at

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