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These 5 foods can help boost your child’s immunity this winter

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These 5 foods can help boost your child’s immunity this winter

The food your baby and toddler eats can positively impact their immunity. By including these five foods in your little one’s meal and snack times you can help promote year-round good health.  



Yoghurt is packed full of probiotics, encouraging good gut health and helping to boost your child’s natural defences. The Squish Yogi range is made with double cream yoghurt and makes it easy to include this important food in their diet. There’s a whole range of flavours to choose from, including Squish Yogi 100% Apple, Banana + Yoghurt; Apple, Guava + Yoghurt; Fruit Medley + Yoghurt; or Pear, Butternut, Yoghurt + Mango with Cinnamon. The convenient resealable lid on Squish pouches means you can just use what you need then store the rest in the fridge, cutting back on waste. 



Antioxidants in berries is what makes them special, plus they are high in fibre and vitamin C. Include a box of Squish 100% Pressed Summer Berries Fruit Juice in your child’s lunch bag to ensure they get their daily immune-boosting berry fix. Squish Juices are pressed from 100% fruit and veg and are preservative free. Also try Squish 100% Summer Berries Fruit Puree – it is delicious on its own or add as a topping on breakfast oats or pancakes. Looking for recipe inspiration?  

You’ll find a whole range of recipes on the Squish website – click here – including this Summer Berry Swirl Ice Cream made with yoghurt.


Sweet Potato

Sweet potato is a key ingredient in four of our Squish 100% Fruit and Veg Purees, and that’s because they are packed full of natural goodness like beta-carotene and vitamin C. Try Squish 100% Pear + Sweet Potato; Apple, Sweet Potato + Sweetcorn; Sweet Potato, Apple + Cinnamon; and Mixed Veg.

Squish Purees containing sweet potato are great on their own, or can be added to recipes to create tasty meals, like this Chicken + Sweet Potato Risotto and these Sweet Potato Pancakes.



Thank goodness for eggs! They are one of the few foods with naturally occurring vitamin D and are also high in immunity boosting nutrients like selenium and various B vitamins. Give your toddler the benefits of eggs and veg by mixing a couple of tablespoons of Squish 100% Veg Puree into scrambled eggs. The Squish 100% Veg Puree range is free of preservatives, colourants and flavourants and contains no added sugar or starch, helping you set your toddler up for healthy food habits that will last a lifetime.

Try this quick and easy Cheesy Mixed Vegetable Egg Scramble – it’s always a winner!



Oats is an excellent choice for breakfast – it contains beta-glucan which stimulates white blood cells and helps these cells fight off infections. Top off your child’s bowl of breakfast oats with their favourite Squish 100% Fruit Puree for added flavour. You can also include it in their diet by making snacks that are high in oats, like these Fruit Crunchies – they’re easy to make, are packed full of natural goodness, and make excellent lunchbox fillers.

Looking for more immune-boosting recipes? Click here.

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  • Cadi June 29, 2022 at 10:00 am

    We tried the pancakes for Sunday breakfast

  • Jax June 30, 2022 at 7:58 am

    The fruit crunchies are the best… I find them great with a teething toddler


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