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You’re about to enter the wild and wonderful world of parenting. How exciting! With your due date fast approaching, chances are you’ve already been sifting through parenting blogs and getting tips from friends who have embarked on their parenting journey.

We have to cover all our bases regarding keeping our kids safe. That means protecting our little ones from the very start. For many, that’s the ride in the car going home from the hospital. Of course, we invest in all the big stuff, like car seats and strollers. But transporting our tiny humans from point A to point B is less complicated when we have some smaller essentials on hand. Think of baby car safety products as additional tools for your new parent toolbox. From carrying a first aid kit, or babyproofing items for a weekend getaway, to installing specially designed car rear-view mirrors to see the baby better in the backseat, to making sure you have the iconic Baby on Board sign, there are many convenient items to help you with travel safety.

Healthcare On-the-Go Kit

You tackle setting up the nursery before your newest family member has arrived, down to the nasal aspirator and emery boards to protect the baby’s health and delicate skin. It’s a good idea to carry a second set of wellness-related products in any car you travel with your little one. Then you don’t have to stress whether you have what you need in the diaper bag or if you forgot something on the changing table. The Healthcare On-the-Go Kit by Safety 1st contains the essential health items you’ll want to have on hand for your baby while on the go. This kit gives you a stylish and easy way to keep baby’s healthcare items organized with the zippered case to keep everything safely stored inside. It also quickly reverses from a standard pouch to a pencil-style point. With a 3-in-1 thermometer, nasal aspirator, and more, you’ll be ready wherever the road takes you.

Car Mirror

Keeping your little co-pilot safe in the car means being buckled up in a car seat and rear-facing until they’re old enough and big enough to face forward in their car seat. But being unable to see them well while they’re in the backseat and your upfront can be anxiety-producing. Keep an eye on your little one while you drive with a Safety 1st Car View Mirror. This mirror attaches easily to your front windshield to give you a better view of your forward-facing child in the back seat. Got a rear-facing seat? The mirror can also be attached to your rear-view mirror to ensure your child is in full view. 

Baby on Board sign

Created in 1984 and proudly hanging in car windows ever since is our Baby on Board™ sign. It’s what Safety 1st is all about because when it comes to parenting, few feelings are as terrifying as the first time a parent puts a baby in the car for the ride home from the hospital. That’s why we invented the iconic “Baby on Board” sign. It gave rise to millions of copycats and crazy spoofs. But more importantly, that little sign with the big message led us to where we are today: a company obsessed with children’s safety and well-being in cars, homes, and everywhere in between.

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