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6 tips for easy weaning

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Weaning your baby from breastmilk or formula on to solids is an exciting next step in their growth and development. But every baby is different, and some take to the exciting new tastes and textures of solids easier than others. These simple tips will help take the stress out of your baby’s weaning journey.  

1. Don’t be over ambitious

Weaning is a process and won’t happen overnight. Remember that up until now your baby has been accustomed to getting food delivered by a bottle or breast and will need time to adapt to the new tastes and textures of solids. Let your little one set the pace, and don’t force the issue. If they outright reject the food you offer, pack it away, offer breast or bottle, and try again later or the following day when your baby is well rested and isn’t too hungry. 

2. Start small

Start small – and don’t introduce too many tastes at once. Offer only a small amount of food at a time – around a quarter of a teaspoon – then slowly build up the amount of food your baby has in one sitting. Squish 100% Fruit and Veg Purees are specifically created for weaning babies and because they have a screw-top lid you can just use what you need then pop the rest in the fridge. This really cuts back on food waste – and saves you money – especially when you’re starting off on your baby’s weaning journey and are only serving a small bit at a time.  

3. Watch what you add

Don’t make the mistake of adding salt or sugar to try and make food more appetising – babies haven’t yet acquired a taste for seasoned food. Squish 100% Fruit and Veg Puree is made from quality fruit and veg and doesn’t contain any colourants, preservatives or flavourants – and it has no added sugar or salt. This means it really is as good as homemade!

4. Check heat

Always check the heat of your little one’s food before you serve it by testing a small amount on the back of your hand. Squish 100% Veggie Purees can be heated in the pouch by placing it in warm water or decanted into a microwave-friendly bowl and heated on low in the microwave. 

5. Try, try and try again

Experts say it can take seven tries before your baby will accept a new taste – so don’t give up. If they reject one flavour today, don’t force them to eat it. Instead try again at the next feed, or the next day. Squish 100% Fruit and Veg Purees come in a variety of flavours, giving you plenty of mealtime options. Our fruit puree range includes Apple; Pear; Apple + Guava, Banana + Apple; Pear + Prune; Banana + Strawberry; Fruit Salad; Mango + Banana; and Summer Berries. Squish fruit and veg puree range includes Butternut + Carrot; Pear + Sweet Potato; Mixed Veg; Apple, Beetroot + Guava; Apple, Sweet Potato + Sweetcorn; and Sweet Potato, Apple + Cinnamon.

6. Get ready for mess!

Mealtimes are going to be messy – there is absolutely no doubt about that! It is better to simply accept you’ll be doing a bit of a clean-up, rather than turn what should be a special time to bond with your baby into a stressful occasion or battle of wills. You’ll have plenty of time in the future to teach your little mealtime etiquette!

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