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Tik Tok’s viral rice water toner is breaking the internet, but does it really work?

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The Tik Tok beauty community is known for sharing plenty of skincare tips and hacks – some incredibly useful, others a little wacky. The latest DIY skincare trend to emerge on this social media platform – and go viral – is rice water toner. Influencers are swearing by it, and the hashtag #ricewater has surpassed 800 million views on Tik Tok, so it comes as no surprise that women all over the world are trying it themselves.

To make rice water is super simple: Steep white rice in cold water for about half an hour, then drain the water from the rice. Some women like to cool it in the fridge, while others use it at room temperature. Dip a cotton pad in the liquid and gently sweep it across your skin, allowing it to dry before applying your serum or moisturiser.

According to Tik Tok, this cloudy water makes the perfect toner, helping to increase the skin’s radiance, reduce redness, soothe irritated skin and neutralize free radicals (thanks to its antioxidant content).

Rich in protein, amino acids, starch and vitamins B and E, rice water may be a new trend on social media, but its use in beauty is not. It’s been documented that women in Ancient China and Japan used rice water to cleanse their skin and hair, as it was believed to give the skin a glow and increase the hair’s shine.

While there is something to be said for the history and tradition that goes along with the use of rice water, it’s important to investigate any skincare trend that emerges on social media before trying it yourself.

Lamelle Research Laboratories is a leader in the skincare industry, and is always at the forefront of innovation and new, cutting-edge skincare technologies. Karen Bester, Medical Trainer at Lamelle, gives her professional opinion on the rice water toner trend:

“In terms of the pH of rice water, I think the fermentation probably changes the pH of the water so that it might be more compatible with skin. The carbohydrates present in rice water might actually help the skin to trap water.

We know that Ferulic acid is derived from certain forms of rice and this is a great exfoliator and antioxidant. Fermentation increases the probiotics in the solution and they might have some effect on the skin’s biome. I am not sure that rice and human probiotics are the same but it being human food, it probably does help.

I do not believe it will reverse severe sun damaged skin or manage acute inflammatory acne, but I do think it could benefit skin that is generally healthy and just needs a boost. It is also cost effective.”

So while it may not cure acne or fix any or all skincare concerns, it does have its benefits. For a professional treatment that offers visible results and improved skin health using ingredients derived from rice, look no further than Lamelle’s Rice Bran Peel.

This professional treatment is renowned for its anti-ageing benefits, as well as for its ability to help reduce and manage pigmentation.

The main ingredient in the Lamelle Rice Bran AO (antioxidant) Peel System is Japanese rice bran extract which offers a rich source of Ferulic acid. This polyphenol is incorporated into the peel with Ascorbic Acid, Citric Acid, Lactic Acid Retinol and Panthenol. Rice Bran AO peel system is an effective in-office treatment for clients seeking age prevention options.

This combination of ingredients offers an effective resurfacing treatment with the added advantage that it has no sun-sensitizing risk (sensitivity to the sun is a real risk for the first week post peel with alpha hydroxy acids peels).

What can you expect from this treatment?

After preparation of the skin, four layers of peel solutions are applied to the skin over each other – two layers of each of the two Rice Bran AO peel solutions. You may experience a slight feeling of tightening of the skin during the procedure, and only the slightest tingle is experienced in very dry skin, making the treatment very comfortable.

The skin is left with a light yellow mask, which is to be removed at home, 6-8 hours post-treatment, using a Lamelle cleanser, and followed with the Restorative Balm. This twice-daily routine, including the use of sunscreen during the day, is continued until the skin has fully recovered (after about a week).

Expected post-treatment recovery:

  • Day 1-2: Skin can feel heat sensitive and slightly sensitised;
  • Day 3-5: Sensitivity with light flaking – some products can cause the skin to tingle and flush;
  • Day 6-7: Slight sensitivity – go back to usual cleanser and moisturiser;
  • Day 8: Returns to home care product routine.

Skin benefits:

  • Increased desquamation (shedding);
  • Increased antioxidant protection;
  • Improved skin texture, brightness and removal of irregular pigmentation;
  • Increased product penetration.

If you’re looking for an anti-ageing solution, or want to improve pigmentation or your skin’s texture, find out from your skincare professional if the Lamelle Rice Bran AO Peel System is suitable for you.

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