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Thinking about enrolling your child in online school?

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They are not all the same.  These are the must-ask questions for the school leader, which we put to Koa Academy’s Principal Mark Anderson:

1.            What is the child to teacher ratio?

Mark: Koa has small Pods with a maximum of 8 children to one teacher. We believe that this is essential in the online space to maintain high engagement. Unfortunately, many online schools are packing more kids than ever into virtual classrooms, which leads to everyone feeling disconnected. Our Pods make sure that we stay engaged!

2.            How easily can I contact the teacher/principal if I have concerns?

Mark: Our teachers and school leaders are readily and directly available to you online through phone, video chat and email channels.

3.            Is the school accredited?

Mark: Yes!  Koa is accredited with the IEB and staffed only by teachers who are SACE registered.   The IEB offers a range of top benefits to our learners and we can tell you all about that.

4.            Does the school offer latest online education resources and platforms, or is it simply traditional school dumped online and presented on-screen?

Mark: We say ‘no’ to school-on-a-screen! Koa leverages platforms and courses which are designed to be online from the start, which makes for an engaging and individualised learning experience that is relevant for today. 

5.            Is the school intentional about socialization online and in person?

Mark: Online school can and should be a safe, connected place of socio emotional as well as academic learning.  Koa actively fosters an on- and off-line school community in a variety of ways.  Online, learners interact every day in their Pod and regularly meet in whole-school gatherings. We also do regular in-person events in all the major centres.

6.            What do the school fees include?

Mark: When comparing school fees, make sure there are no hidden but compulsory costs.  Many online schools advertise a set fee but then add on unavoidable costs for textbooks, online platforms or tutors.  At Koa, we keep it simple with a fully inclusive fee.

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