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These are the changes you need to make to your beauty routine when the temperature drops

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When it comes to beauty, there’s more to a season change than swapping out shades of eyeshadow and lipstick. As it gets colder, you need to take into account that changes in temperature can have a major effect on the skin. This affects not only the health and texture of the skin, but also your makeup application. 

Make these small changes to your daily beauty routine to keep your skin soft, healthy and moisturised as we head into the colder months. 

Increase hydration

We typically associate dry and dehydrated skin with winter, but our skin can start to lose moisture from the beginning stages of autumn. If your summer skincare regime consisted of lighter lotions and gel cleansers, you might want to switch to richer creams and milky or creamy cleansers for the colder months. Look for products containing hyaluronic acid, an excellent hydrator that helps add and lock moisture into the skin. We recommend Creightons H2O Boost Overnight Mask (R169.95). This nourishing cream with hyaluronic acid a works overnight to improve skin’s elasticity and intensely hydrate, so you can wake up to a dewy, revitalised complexion.

Add a serum to your skincare regime

If your regime doesn’t already include a serum, now is the time to add one. Applied after cleansing / toning and before your moisturiser, serums contain targeted ingredients that help address specific concerns, be it dryness, pigmentation or breakouts. For an added hydration boost, invest in a good quality serum and allow it to absorb for a minute or two before following with a hydrating moisturiser.

If your complexion tends to get a little dull during winter, try a radiance-promoting serum like Creightons 2% Vitamin C Serum (R139.95). It melts into the skin releasing beneficial ingredients like vitamin C, natural fruit acids and enzymes, to hydrate and enhance your natural glow.

If hydration is a bigger concern, try Creightons H2O Boost Hyaluronic Serum (R179.95). It helps instantly boost the skin’s hydration levels and renews dehydrated skin.

Don’t forget to exfoliate

Regular exfoliation is beneficial all year round, but it’s especially important in autumn and winter when skin gets drier and is more likely to experience clogged pores due to dry and dead skin cells accumulating on the surface on the skin. Instead of a physical scrub, we recommend using an exfoliating pad that contains a chemical or enzymatic exfoliating ingredient. It’s gentler on the skin and offers a deeper exfoliation.

NIP+FAB Glycolic Fix Daily Cleansing Pads (R379.95) are soaked in 2.8% glycolic acid to retexture, resurface and exfoliate the skin for a smoother-looking appearance and increased radiance. 

Switch to liquid makeup formulas

Powder foundation, blush, bronzer and highlighter is great during summer, because the powder formula helps absorb some of the excess moisture and shine on the skin. It also stays in place better than liquid formulas do, as it doesn’t melt as easily when exposed to heat. In winter, you may want to swap out your powder formulas for liquid formulas, as they are more hydrating on drier winter skin. Plus, if your skin is already a little bit dry, a powdery texture will exaggerate the dryness, leaving your skin texture looking flaky. We recommend wet n wild PhotoFocus Dewy Foundation (R129.95) for a dewy finish that will enhance your skin’s radiance. 

Replace your mattifying primer with an illuminating or hydrating one

Mattifying primer formulas are great to control shine during summer, but in winter they can leave skin looking dull. Opt for a hydrating or illuminating formula instead. After all, skin needs a little bit of help when it comes to maintaining its luminosity in the colder months, plus the more hydration you can sneak into your regime, the better.

Try wet n wild PrimeFocus Primer Serum (R149.95). This lightweight, ultra-hydrating water-based serum creates the perfect canvas for a smooth, even complexion, allowing your foundation to glide on effortlessly for a luminous, flawless finish. 

Go for gloss

Matte lipstick looks fantastic, but it can have a drying effect on even the most supple of lips. If your lips are prone to dryness, flaking or cracking during winter, swap out your matte lipstick for a glossy formula instead. Glossy lipsticks typically offer more hydration and don’t have a drying effect. Try wet n wild Megalast High Shine Lipstick (R99.95), a nourishing, luscious lipstick infused with lip-loving ingredients including murumuru butter, mango butter, and sunflower and watermelon seed oils. If lip gloss consistency is more your thing, try wet n wild Megalast Liquid Catsuit Hi Shine Lipstick (R109.95). It combines the comfort and shine of a gloss with the high-pigment of a lipstick, giving your lips brilliant, high-shine and ultra-pigmented lip lacquer to deliver a mirror-like gloss finish. It’s infused with lip-loving ingredients to provide superior moisture.

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    Have most definitely seen the change with regard to my skin becoming drier as we head further into our colder these will come in handy to hopefully keep them at bay.


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