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Accompanied by his loyal squire Bert, Prince Ivandoe sets off on a quest to Eagle Mountain through The Five Kingdoms to claim the legendary Golden Feather. So far, Prince Ivandoe has travelled from his home, the Kingdom of the Mighty Stag, through Svanland – the idyllic Land of the Swans, the rogue state of The Forest of the Outlaws, the Red Squirrel Kingdom – set high in the trees – and the Underground Kingdom of the Ogres, where King Ironhorn rules from a crumbling and this month, his journey takes him into the Underground castle. 

These new episodes bring a lot of wacky adventures along, Prince Ivandoe’s unfortunate hiccups have an interesting twist on a wish granted by a Wishpillar. His squire Bert is thrust into the limelight when he pulls a mysterious sword from a stone, and and Prince Ivandoe and Bert are going to form a unlikely bond with a Sassy Gnome while trying to get him reunited with his brothers!

📺 Premiere: Monday, 2 October @ 16:35 CAT
Tune in: Mondays – Fridays @ 16:35 CAT
Also available on DStv Catch Up

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