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The GED learning path

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What topic will we be covering today?

We will be discussing the GED learning path through Educ8 SA.

  • A Grade 12 alternative
  • Recognised by SAQA (NQF 4)
  • Flexible
  • Affordable
  • Self-Paced
  • Free Placement Test

Affordable Fees:

Monthly subscription of R500

Package includes:

  • Digital Lessons
  • PDF Study Guides
  • Bonus material and links
  • Study tips and tricks
  • Typing Course

Students work at their own pace and schedule exams once our pre-readiness test has found students to be exam-ready.

Exams are written at any Boston College nearest to your location.

Exam Fees:

$80 / subject

Due at the time of booking

Give us more information about the GED course offered

The GED is a high school Grade 12 equivalency credential.

Let’s give you some background…in the 1940 veterans returning to the USA after World War 2 needed to obtain academic credentials to get civilian jobs and gain access to tertiary education or training. The GED test was developed for this purpose, similar to an adult matric. It has subsequently been written by more than 17 million students in the USA and around the world, including South Africa!

What subjects does GED test?

The GED Test consists of four subjects which you can write on different days:

  • Reasoning through Language Arts

150 minutes (including 10-minute breaks)

  • Mathematical Reasoning

Is GED recognised in South Africa?

When you research GED you will see that many different institutions accept them widely in South Africa but also abroad, if this is the route you are looking at going.

So please make contact with Educ8 SA to discuss all your GED questions. We are happy to assist.

Contact Us Today!

084 685 2138


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