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Programs that are changing the lives of young men

  • Angus Lowe
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There is something special about being in the wilds of Africa. Sitting around a campfire with friends, climbing to the peak of a misty mountain, watching elephants graze the marula trees of the lowveld. 

Everyone should have the opportunity to see the sunrise over the African bushveld and experience that feeling of how magical life is. 

We all know that young men and women develop differently, and for each to become successful in their own right requires them to encounter different obstacles at varying points in their life. 

For young men there have been after school gap year programs and back in the day there was the army, all designed to teach young men how to overcome adversities in life and work hard for something. 

There hasn’t been anything for young men still in high school. This is interesting as ensuring a young man is adequately set up for life and will strive to find success in all aspects of life, is best accomplished through moulding his ideals during his transformational teenage years. 

In what Daniel J. Levinson (a psychologist from the 60’s) dubbed “the early adulthood transitional phase”, it is noted that a young man goes through more changes between 14-18 than in other period of his life, it is also now clear that although a person can constantly change, the ideals and values that are formed for a young man in that early adulthood transitional phase are the values that they carry with them for life. 

Young men in today’s modern world need to learn the values of tenacity, fortitude, humility, integrity and self-discipline all before they leave school. 

Because by the time they leave and go into university or the professional working world they need to have established ideals that continually allow them to stand out, to achieve more and to rise above the rest. Young men only gain these values, values which ultimately shape their identity, through overcoming adversities, learning the true power of reflection, receiving difficult feedback from their peers and by being guided by a mentor that knows how to bring out the best attributes in them. 

It is through the creation of a strong identity, founded on strong morals that young men pave their way to becoming highly successful wherever they go and in whatever they do. 

Angus Lowe, an adventurer and educator, has designed exactly that. Programs and camps for young men between the ages of 15-19 to help young men discover their identity, gain their independence, transform attitudes and perspectives and create momentum towards success. 

No matter where life takes you, you’ll naturally rise to the top and find your own personal success.” – Angus Lowe 

Not only are the locations for these camps incredible but the activities are amazing too. With camps in the greater Kruger park area, on an island in the Zambezi river and a third one on a private Mozambique lagoon it is difficult to beat providing young men with such unique and exciting places to go. While on these camps there is the chance to do everything from white water rafting and deep sea fishing to rock climbing and paintball all the while Angus helps facilitate and guide young men on their development journey of creating values that will shape their identities. 

“These are programs designed to help guide and facilitate young men in their transition from boyhood into manhood.”

With a core focus on values for modern men, discovering their own identity, maturing their independence, finding a sense of purpose and real life skills for every young man. These programmes are designed to foster, develop and grow each young man into rising above the rest and being leaders, forward thinkers, titans of industries and all round balanced successful happy men in every aspect of their lives.

These programs take young men to some of the most beautiful locations in Southern Africa and provide them with the guided opportunity to overcome their insecurities and flourish. To test their limits and push the boundaries of their comfort zone to find the point where their adversities become their successes. The programs and Angus facilitate this life changing experience for each young man to shape his future, while forging lifelong friendships, learning valuable skills, creating a love for conservation and nature, enjoying beautiful exclusive locations and having the time of their life making memories they will never forget.

It has been long proven that only through adversity do men attain certain qualities. While writing for Forbes Magazine Paula Davis says that adversity can develop these  qualities in people; Renewed appreciation for life, Enhanced personal strength, Stronger more meaningful relationships, Spiritual growth and Recognising new paths for your life.

By going through one of Angus’ programmes a young man will also;

  • Create and enhance his leadership abilities
  • Discover ones purpose and who they are meant to be
  • Improve their communication and social skills
  • Increase their ability to adapt to change
  • Grow their confidence
  • Give them greater self-belief and acknowledgement of their own capabilities
  • Increase in their resilience and determination
  • Create an optimistic outlook on life with a positive attitude

The Programs

Our foundational Askari program is a 21 day program located in the Greater Kruger park region. It focuses on Identity development and young men being able to gain their independence through the creation of this identity and moulding of core values. Young men will learn more about themselves, who they want to be and where they want to go in life in these 21 days than they will through the traditional schooling system. Designed to make young men into the best possible men they can be, they will experience everything from learning archery and rock climbing to working with the world’s foremost elite anti-poaching unit and being involved in true conservation all at the same time being able to go on regular game drives where they could see the Big 5 and more. 

The Sakazima program (Located on an island in the middle of the Zambezi river) transforms young men’s attitudes, thinking and perspectives towards life through a completely immersive experience which combines adventure with the explorations of alternate outlooks for their lives. The experiences range from fishing for mighty tiger fish, white water rafting and playing jungle paintball on a nearby island to integrating and immersing themselves with traditional Lozi villages and people.

Our Mahangate program being the ultimate experience is geared towards creating positive momentum in a young man’s life to help carry him through to the next stage of his development. Limited to a maximum of 6 young men this is a highly exclusive programme and for very good reason. The lodge is located on a private lagoon in Mozambique. Completely isolated from any other people or places it is ideal for young men to explore the heights of their capabilities. The program being focused on positive momentum, means that young men stay in a beautiful private resort. They will share a luxury room with one other participant, complete with an ensuite shower, bath, toilet and a private deck with expansive lagoon and ocean views from all areas of the room, even from the bath! Young men have the opportunity to explore their own greatness, to understand how positive living and strong attitude drives momentum forward for success in all facets of their lives. They will experience deep sea fishing adventures, casting from shore, surfing, snorkelling and stand up paddle boarding, kayaking, motorised water sports and much much more. 

Find out more or contact Angus at or on WhatsApp at 064 954 1227

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