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Cartoonito promises an exciting January with special Sunday afternoon marathons featuring beloved characters and captivating adventures.
Fans are in for a treat as Bugs Bunny Buildersembark on madcap journeys across England, Mexico, France, China, and Japan.

Mr Bean’s escapades bring laughter, from teaching a class to hilarious mishaps at a Judo class and a daring high board dive.
Witness the arrival of the Batwheels, summoned to action by the Batcomputer to face the Legion of Zoom.
Zig & Sharko take the spotlight, with Bernie creating an amusement park for adorable hermit crab toddlers, leading to a comical encounter with Zig.
And finally, join Lu & the Bally Bunch for heartwarming stories involving Gus’s rocket, Biba’s birthday present, and Barnaby’s quest for hugs.

Gather your besties, tune in, and enjoy your favourite episodes of laughter, friendship, and adventure.

Tune in: Every Sunday from 7 January until 4 February @ 14:00 CAT

  • 7 January – Bugs Bunny Builders
  • 14 January – Beantastic
  • 21 January – Batwheels
  • 28 January – Zik & Sharko
  • 4 February – Lu & the Bally Bunch

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