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Review: InnerMagic

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Anytime that I can find a good family game to occupy our Saturday night is great find! Especially when this game explores your families inner thoughts.

InnerMagic; Children’s Self- Esteem Game is a fantastic way to be creating happiness, encouraging your children to express their feelings and over all tackling their confidence. I found that the game provided such a great insight into my children’s inner thoughts.

In the game you find various cards covering:

  • Feelings
  • What they would say if
  • What they would do if
  • Something that they believe or know

The purpose of the game is to get between 5 beautifully illustrated “lands”. They get there by throwing the dice and landing on various coloured stars. Each star that they land on has a question card that go with it such as “How would you feel if…..”

One is able to collect a Magic Ring each time you reach a new land and the person to collect all the different Magic Rings wins.

I really would recommend this game to any parent. Although the game targets between the ages of 5 and 11 years, my twin 15 year olds were quick to join in the fun and explore their feelings with the family as well.

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