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Review: BabySense Baby Wrap Carrier

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Imagine being able to wear your baby instead of wheeling him/her around!

The BabySense baby wrap carrier is designed for a parent to carry their child leaving their hands free to do whatever they need to do whilst having baby close.

The BabySense baby wrap is made of soft, almost weightless fabric which is beneficial for both you and your baby’s comfort (this product is 100% cotton). One of the endless benefits is that you are able to have a close eye on your precious angel when out in public places. Safety is one of the main priorities in any parents’ life and the baby wrap carrier will help ensure your child’s protection, even if you’re distracted doing shopping or packing groceries into your vehicle.

Keeping your baby close to you doesn’t just protect him/her but ensures that the connection continues to grow between parent and child. Comfort and relaxation will also help with this all-important bonding experience – another reason why BabySense baby wrap carriers bring calm and relaxation for both parent and baby.

BabySense baby wraps have been designed to carry weight from 3.6kg/7.9lb to 13kg/27lb with an added extra layer for back support and is fully adjustable for a perfect fit every time.

Wear your baby everywhere! No fuss of clasps or buckles.  You’re able to wear your baby throughout your day and in the evening – anywhere you go.

Why should you purchase the BabySense baby wrap:

  • Breastfeeding is made easy and with comfort
  • Safety of your child is present at all times
  • Your baby relaxation means your relaxation
  • Special design – lightweight especially great in hotter climates and easy on your back
  • Easy to use

There are 4 positions in which your can cradle your baby using the BabySense baby wrap

  • Newborn cradle hold
  • Newborn hug hold
  • Hug hold
  • Hip Hold

No other reasons are needed as to why this amazing product should be on your shopping list!

Your BabySense baby wrap can be purchased online from

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