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MK Hunts His Magic

Monkie Kid is a fun, fast-paced, brand-new show inspired by Chinese mythology and the famed novel Journey to the West and its hero, Monkey King. The tale begins when an ordinary boy, Monkie Kid – known as ‘MK’ – discovers Monkey King’s magical staff, which was left on top of a hill to imprison the evil Demon Bull King.

After the Demon Bull King is released, MK must go on a journey of self-discovery in order to become the hero this generation needs and stop the Demon Bull King and his army of Bull Clones from taking over the city!

PREMIERE: Saturday, 5 November (Monkie Kid: A Hero is Born – Special Episode)

TUNE IN: Saturdays & Sundays @ 09:15 CAT

Also available on DStv Catch Up


Be Kind, Rewind

When they’re not fighting crime, there’s only one thing to do – get up to mischief! This month, Sticky Joe’s search for a can opener leads to a series of madcap adventures. The Titans decide to make their own TV show, and Robin needs to find a new way to lead the Titans once he finds out his catchphrase – ‘GO!’ – has been trademarked and stolen by another team.

Amazed by old-school technology, the Titans also decide to travel back to the 1990s to visit a video store and, for their 365th episode, they head to the Warner Bros. Studio to find a director to make them look good. Will the new director be a good fit for our superhero team? Find out on Cartoon Network.

PREMIERE:Monday, 14 November

TUNE IN: Mondays to Fridays @ 16:20 CAT

Also available on DStv Catch Up



Soccer Stunt

With the Soccer World Cup fast approaching, your favourite Cartoon Network characters will be battling it out on the soccer pitch this November with brand-new episodes of Coach Me If You Can and some fan-favourite episodes of Supa Strikas!

In Coach Me If You Can, Erico Platana must deflate his ego to lift a spell that turns him into a soccer ball and help a young future champion achieve his potential. He teaches Daniel some lessons – even if he doesn’t mean to – about succeeding in life and negotiating his way out of sticky situations.

In Supa Strikas, Coach is man-down with ‘Coach-Flu’, so Prof hatches a plan to keep him in the game. El Matador is sent off to a secret facility to help take his ego down a peg or two.

So, join us for these fast-paced specials to see who takes the cup!

Coach Me If You Can

PREMIERE: Monday, 21 November @ 15:40 CAT

TUNE IN: Mondays to Fridays @ 15:40 CAT

 Football stunt 

LAUNCH:  Saturday, 26 November @ 10:10 CAT

TUNE IN: Weekends @ 10:10 CAT

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