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SUMMER CAMP ISLAND Summertime Madness

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Childhood besties Oscar the Elephant and Hedgehog the … hedgehog … are back with their cast of friends for a sixth season of Summer Camp Island. Plenty of weird and wacky stuff continues to happen at camp – all of which Oscar and Hedgehog must contend with.

A magic trick gone wrong sees Susie relying on Oscar and Hedgehog in unimaginable ways – and later, Oscar heads to the Sasquatch Monastery in search of enlightenment while Hedgehog lends a hand to some alien friends to help them pull off a once-in-a-lifetime ritual.

📺 Premiere: Saturday, 25 November @ 14:55 CAT
Tune in: Weekends @ 14:55 CAT (2x episodes per day)
Also available on DStv Catch Up

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