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MR MAGOO Bumbling Hero

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Mr Magoo is a kind-hearted fellow who is always happy to lend a hand – but often causes disasters instead. He only has one enemy – Fizz, a megalomaniacal hamster who is somehow always accidentally thwarted by Magoo.

Fizz decides to shroud himself in mystery, but while he’s tracing his giant portrait in the desert sand, Mr Magoo arrives with his golf clubs … His next dastardly plan is to take control of the weather with the MeteoFizz when Weasel takes his annual holiday – but when Mr Magoo finds the machine’s remote control, he thinks he’s stumbled upon a treasure hunt. 

📺 Premiere: Monday, 13 November @ 15:15 CAT
Tune in: Mondays – Fridays @ 15:15 CAT (2x episodes per day)
Also available on DStv Catch Up

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  • Lushano Roman November 13, 2023 at 12:09 pm

    My daughter’s love this cartoon


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