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BATWHEELS- Growing up Gotham

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Batwheels Bam, Bibi, Redbird, Batwing and Buff continue to navigate their status as a newly formed super-team in Gotham.

When the Legion of Zoom plans to cheat their way to winning the Gotham Grand Prix, the Batwheels zoom into action to ensure the race is run – and won – fair & square. Bam brings Catwoman’s Catmobile, Kitty, to life to join the Batwheels in a game – and when she saves him in a tight spot, he decides to take her on a ride-along patrol in the hopes of recruiting her as a Batwheel – if he can convince her to stop playing long enough to focus on their mission!

📺 Premiere: Monday, 14 August @ 16:45 CAT
⏰ Tune in: Mondays – Fridays @ 16:45 CAT
Also available on DStv Catch Up

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