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Alice’s Wonderland Bakery – Episodic Synopsis

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Episode 1

“Unforgettable Unbirthday” – After presenting a birthday cake for Princess Rosa goes wrong, Alice finds the perfect solution and surprises her with an unforgettable Unbirthday Cake.

*Broadway star Eden Espinosa (“Wicked”) guest stars as the Queen of Hearts.

“Picnic for One” – The Cheshire Cat puts in a colossal order with Alice for a picnic that he is hosting in the Tulgey Wood, but when Alice and friends come across him in the woods, it seems his party might be a bit lonelier than he let on.

Episode 2

“Try Again Tart” – When Hattie wins the Queen’s tastiest tart contest, he needs help with trying to recreate his dish. 

“Pie Pressure” – When Alice becomes overwhelmed with orders at the bakery, Fergie offers to help but cuts corners to meet deadlines, and his pies turn into a pie-tastrophy.

Episode 3

“No Palace Like Home” – Princess Rosa invites Alice, Hattie and Fergie for a royal sleepover at the Hearts Palace, but when Hattie’s bedtime routine is disrupted, Alice knows just the thing to make him feel better: a taste of home.

“A Royal Remembrance” – After an attempt from Rosa and Alice to recreate a beloved recipe for Rosa’s Abuelo, the King of Hearts, doesn’t turn out as planned, Abuelo assures the girls that the most important ingredient was the love they made it with.
*Multiple GRAMMY® Award winner Jon Secada guest stars as the King of Hearts.

Episode 4

“Alice’s Stormy Afternoon” – Alice makes a treat for Mother Rose’s baby buds but goes overboard with a special ingredient.
*Broadway star Mandy Gonzalez (“Hamilton”) guest stars as Mother Rose.

“Into the Tulgey Wood” – Rosa’s first camping trip goes awry when the Card Guards insist on accompanying her, and their overprotective nature interferes at every step of the way.

Episode 5

“Gallymoggers Granola” – When Hattie eats too much of Cheshire Cat’s granola, he starts to disappear just like Cheshire, so Alice must find the perfect recipe to bring him back.

“Sour Grapes” – Rosa attends her first Great Grape Picnic, where she tries new foods with Alice’s and friends’ help.


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