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JanaS Ladies and Babies boutique

  • JanaS Ladies and Babies Boutique
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JanaS is a mom owned and operated, Pretoria based, online store that was started as a ladies clothing brand, but then evolved into an online store that specializes in natural products for mommy and baby. At JanaS we are passionate about using no products with any toxins in, on our babies or on ourselves.

A lot of research goes into every product that we decide to stock. It is tried and tested by ourselves and our children. It needs to be toxins free and completely safe to use.

We stock a wide variety of products, lots of them locally produced, but also some imported from countries such as Denmark and England. When we look for potential products, there are a few important characteristics that we look for. 

To promote sustainability, we look for products that are reusable. This includes every variety of modern cloth diaper that you can think off. Also our LastObject products – reusable ear swabs and face wipes and cloth diapers.

All our mommy and baby products are made with natural ingredients and are preservative free. This includes our teas, washing detergents and post-partum recovery gummies, bum balms, sunscreens and so much more.

Our dummies and teethers are made with silicone, untreated wood, 100% cotton and natural rubber. This ensures that our precious babies don’t come into contact with any toxins that might be harmful, and they are naturally anti-bacterial. 

We strive to give each and every customer fast and personalized service. We love chatting to customer regarding product options. We also offer cloth nappy demos to make sure your cloth nappy journey is as effortless and fun as possible.

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