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How To Handle Nap Time

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If you want to easily handle nap time, there are a few easy tips to look out for with your little one. All parents struggle to find their feet with each child’s nap schedule – as no two babies are alike. However, there are a few tips to follow to help you figure out the perfect nap time pattern for your baby. Read on below now for more!

Nap Time Tip #1: Look For Signs

Whilst yawning is a tell-tale sign that your baby is ready for some shut eye, there are a few other great habits your little one may show to indicate their sleepiness. The top three signs that your baby is ready to nap are:

  • Rubbing their eyes
  • Crying
  • Fussiness 

Nap Time Tip #2: Do Not Wake Your Little One

When your baby falls asleep, ensure that they continue to do so. Do not wake your baby from their nap. Even if they have fallen asleep in the car, simply carry the whole car seat – with baby inside – into your home, setting them safely on the floor. 

Nap Time Tip #3: Look After Yourself

Many moms will try squeeze in a few chores whilst their baby is down. However, you need to look after you during this time. Having a baby can be tough on your sleep as a parent. So when your little one has a nap, do the same. Try get some rest and relaxation in and recoup yourself. 

Nap Time Tip #4: Set Up A Routine

Children love routine and this is no different during nap time. Set your child a schedule and try to practice these tips too:

  • Use your baby’s crib for day nap time and their night’s rest. This way they will begin to associate their crib with sleep. 
  • Try to avoid scheduling a nap time for the late afternoon as this may affect their evening sleeping routine.
  • Have the same nap routine in place for every day, this will help your child familiarize themselves with it.

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