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New Heroes Will Be Made with the Debut of Pokémon Horizons

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A Brand-New Pokémon Series Premieres on Cartoon Network Africa

Uncover the great mysteries of the Pokémon world in a new epic adventure as Cartoon Network Africa presents the premiere of the much-anticipated Pokémon Horizons! Season 1 is set to launch on Monday, 25th March at 17:30 CAT, and Pokémon ‘Trainers’ and fans across Africa can catch a new episode every weekday at the same time.

In this captivating new series, fans will dive into the wide world of Pokémon, following the adventures of a young girl named Liko from the Paldea region. As Liko arrives at the Indigo Academy, she receives her first partner Pokémon, the adorable Sprigatito. Little does she know, an enigmatic group known as the Explorers is hot on her trail, determined to get their hands on the mysterious pendant necklace she received from her grandma.

But fear not! Liko is not alone on this thrilling quest. Alongside her are the valiant Friede, the ever-electrifying Captain Pikachu, and the daring Rising Volt Tacklers, ready to offer protection aboard their high-flying airship.

As the story unfolds, we meet Roy, a young boy with dreams of becoming a Pokémon Trainer. Unaware of the ancient secret hidden within the Poké Ball he carries, Roy joins Liko and the Rising Volt Tacklers on a legendary journey filled with twists, turns, and gripping Pokémon battles.

Set sail for new horizons starting Monday, 25th March @ 17:30 CAT as Pokémon Horizons takes you on an unforgettable expedition. What discoveries await Liko, Roy, and the Rising Volt Tacklers? Tune in to Cartoon Network Africa and find out!

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