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Carseat battles

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Many children fuss when placed into a car seat. If you had just found your feet and was relishing in your new found independence so would you!  Children hate being restrained but this is one battle you must win!

There are no if’s and but’s in this. It is scary to drive past parents and they are strapped in but their precious child is loose at the back of the car roaming around the open space. Not a good idea! There are enough demos of what happens to children when involved in an accident to place a very real fear in you.  Rather have a screaming toddler than one you are not going to hear ever again. Fortunately if you persist they will get the message in the end and resign themselves to the car seat.

Here are some tips that may help:

  • Make sure your child is comfortable, the straps must be firm but not too tight.
  • Make sure the car seat is big enough. Toddlers grow so fast.
  • Instead of announcing that you are going to strap her in, try and distract her by    pointing to something outside or talk about going to the shops.
  • Put on her favourite CD.
  • Keep some car toys that only get seen when you go out in the car. Attach them with a shoelace to her seat so that you don’t add to the stress of losing a toy.
  • As you get in the car, say something like “Mommy’s buckled up as well.” Lead by example.
  • If she wriggles out of the belt use an old fashioned nappy pin to secure your little one in.
  • Allow no exceptions!

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