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Portable Projection in Home Entertainment ensures Easter Holiday moments for All

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Looking for the gift of all gifts for him or her? You won’t have to look far. Philips showcases its four top picks in home entertainment and lifestyle projection to boost your family and Easter holiday viewing.

Whether home or away, share a bigger vision, bigger laughter, and more memories with family screen time and the latest tech in home theatre solutions that you can take with you while away on a family holiday, while home entertaining outdoors, or to upgrade your interior spaces with quality theatre-style entertainment that starts at your front door and leads into the very heart of your home.

Projectors have become the modern-day answer to movie time and sharing moments with elegance and style. While you can’t take your television with you on holiday, you can take your projector and still enjoy all the advantages of your current connectivity AND more than that of a smart tv.

Whether your tribe are movie and documentary addicts, fans of television series, focused on fine photography or classical music, leaders and teachers in the field or are nurturing the internet’s next big-time gamer, Philips’ interior designed technology offers a fresh new look and the latest in cutting-edge expectations.

Think big form, rich colour, super bright intuitive focus and fast, smart connectivity. With a Philips projector by your side, you can…

Get more entertainment: Benefit from an extra wide image of 120 inches for the price of a 65-inch television. Now everyone can see the giant screen whether it is a family occasion or for everyday TV watching.

Easy on the eyes: Projectors offer 33% less eye fatigue than a television helping to reduce eye strain and with AI driven auto-focus, your projector delivers the clearest, richest image in super-size theatre-style.

Mobile, compact connectivity:  You lightweight, compact projector won’t take up any space at home or on the road and, thanks to its projection power and image throw, it works even in small spaces, linking you up to all your favourite media apps on wi-fi, Bluetooth and USB-C connectivity to work or play wherever you are.

Audio control: Enjoy more quality for less along with 4k control and extreme sound with speakers and bass control hardware where sound quality delivers the ultimate in sound smart, connected entertainment.

One click autofocus: Easy to use and connect, enjoy bespoke adjustments such as one click autofocus and hands-free ease of use with keystone correction for straightening your image projection on the ceiling or wall.

Make family, friends and holiday time fun for everyone young or old with a one-stop-shopping solution in your personalized choice in on-tap viewing leisure with these four holiday superstars when you choose your family’s uber-viewing style now:

Go Everywhere

Philips PicoPix Micro 2TV Projector R12 649.00

When it comes to holiday leisure time, the whole family is on the go. Stay mobile, fully connected and smartphone ready with the Philips PicoPix Micro 2TV Projector R12,649.00 among the smallest (about the size of your hand), full-sized mini projectors for when you want to stream everywhere and game anywhere.

This portable performer is a winner for when you want a big screen in a small space and features inbuilt Android TV with USB type C video port and HDMI for connecting from home, the beach house patio, a farm retreat, or a tented camp around the braai.

Top features include:
A full Android TV operating system experience
Projects images up to 200cm
Built-in stereo speakers
Long-lasting battery projecting up to 4h of your favourite viewing
Includes short mini HDMI-to-HDMI cable to connect other devices
Wireless screen mirroring from your smartphone or tablet
Super compact and tripod mounted
DLP display technology, LED lights for 30,000+ hours, 854 x 480 pixel resolution, 16:9 aspect ratio, built-in media player.

Seasonal Events Star

Luck comes in threes and the Philips PicoPix MaxTV Projector R27,449.00 offers all three in extreme brightness, extreme sound, and extreme portability. With built in Android TV, this nifty number projects images up to 300cm in True Full HD and this newbie will become so handy that you will wonder on this star at how you ever did without it. Meeting all portable projector expectations, it is your first step into a fully interactive entertainment universe at home, on the road or on vacation.

Philips PicoPix MaxTV Projector

Enjoy up to four hours of cable-less cinema with its battery capabilities and its super bright 4 channel LEDs, projecting in full HD 1080pixels. Smart focus and supercharged image correction provides a hands-free experience.

Top features include:

Extreme sound, brightness, and portability

Cinematic experience in 1080p

Impressive sound

Bespoke image correction

Smart Autofocus and automatic brightness

Android TV Experience

ChromeCast Built-in

Fully connected and protected.

Easy on the GO

Don’t be afraid of the dark with the ultra-accessible Philips NeoPix Easy Projector R4,314.00 providing a super smooth experience to project pictures up to 200cm. With fast, easy setup, enjoy a comfortable image, stereo sound, and all the connectivity you need for streaming your favourite content. This integrated media player features built-in stereo speakers and up to 2600 LED lumens with audio jack

Philips NeoPix Easy Projector R4314.00

Top Features include:

Compact and affordable
Turns any wall into a screen for movies and videos
Easy to use and set up
Built-in media player for your favourite content
Supports Full HD 1080p, displays best at 65inch
Easy-to-configure focus
Bright projected images with up to 2600 LED lumens
Fits into a purse or laptop bag
Portable and light
Set up anywhere with a plug and a viewing surface
LED lifetime up to 30,000 hours, 1280 x 720 pixel resolution, projection distance: 80 cm – 200 cm/24″ – 60″, aspect ratio, 16:9, throw ratio: 1,4:1, contrast ratio: 3000:1.

For First Time Winners

For your first projector experience ever, using the best-value projector, the Philips Neopix Prime 2 Projector R7,479.00 is made for comfortable unlimited binge watching or gaming in your bedroom on HD 720p. With a lamp-free light engine optimized to last more than 30,000 hours, discover your preferred premium content from the most popular providers like Netflix, Amazon Prime

Philips Neopix Prime 2 Projector R7479.00

Enjoy continuous over-the-air updates with new apps and features, with easy navigation on the newly designed remote control with AirMote function to smoothly navigate into the interface. Featuring the Smart Philips OS system, it offers wi-fi screen mirroring for smart sharing and stereo speakers and true HD 720 p resolution.

Top feature included:

Vivid Display: Up to 80″ display in true HD 720p, 1280x720p resolution
Smart: Pre loaded apps and a super smooth Philips operating system (OS).
Image Corrections: place it where you wish! Automatic rotation and keystone, 4 corners correction, digital zoom, and panel flip functions
Versatile and connected: HDMI, USB, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
Years of fun: LED light source lasts over 20,000 hours
LCD display technology, LED light source, 2 x 5W stereo speakers

Wi-Fi connection, wireless screen mirroring, Bluetooth, and external speaker connection.

Buy smart, buy right for you and your family and friends this Easter holiday season with the brand market leader in LCD technology

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  • jibran malik April 2, 2023 at 6:31 pm

    Thank you for sharing the benefits of portable projectors for home entertainment, especially during the Easter holiday season. Philips seems to offer impressive features such as easy connectivity, compact size, and vivid display.


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