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Over many years the theory on when the right age to introduce solids is, has been debated. The advice has varied over the last 60 years from 2 weeks old to 6 months and even older.

There are two ways to approach this question:

  1. Understanding science and research
  2. Knowing your own baby

The current evidence in research points to the following:

  • Do not introduce any solids into your baby’s diet before 17 weeks unless advised to by a medical doctor. 
  • Preferably breastfeed your baby for at least 6 months.
  • Do not delay the introduction of solids too long after 6 months as allergy risk as well as fussy eating can result from very late introduction of solids.
  • It is safe from an allergy perspective to introduce solids between 17 weeks and 6 months of age.

Your Baby

With the facts in mind, turn your attention to your baby. Introduce solids between the window of 17 weeks and 6 months, once your baby shows he needs and is ready for solids:

  • No longer displays a tongue thrust reflex that pushes food from his mouth.
  • Can hold up his head and sits supported in a chair
  • Is no longer stretching between feeds and is demanding another feed in the day.
  • Interest in your eating and reaching for your food or utensils when you are eating.
  • Not sleeping as well at night as he was previously. 

Once you have weighed this up, discuss it further with your clinic sister who knows your baby best from a health perspective. 

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