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University athletes score top jobs

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Participation in university sports is highly regarded by future employers. In an increasingly competitive business world, progressive companies seek out young people with skills crafted both in the classroom and on the sporting field. Student athletes can gain corporate attention by showcasing their dedication to high performance and skills, this is often transferable in an office environment. 

“Whether a student is aiming to play a sport at a professional level or just play for fun during their university years, they can leverage their athletic abilities to land a top career after they graduate,” says Rebecca Pretorius, Country Manager for Crimson Education. The global education company assists young people to gain entry to universities in the United States and United Kingdom.

Pretorius highlights some key skills that student athletes possess, which will benefit them in the working world: 

  1. Resilience – businesses seek employees who can ride out the tough times and use failure as motivation to improve. Years of communicating effectively with coaches has seen athletes appreciate the benefits of constructive criticism. They understand the importance of effective communication and thrive on clear expectations. 
  2. Team player – corporate recruiters look for young people who understand how to both take control and be effective followers. Athletes understand the importance of working together towards a common goal. 
  3. Eye on the prize – athletes are achievement orientated. Most have practiced their sport since a young age and have developed a strong understanding of the psychological mindset of success. 
  4. Efficiency – the time management and organisational skills learned by juggling academics and sporting practices translate into an employee who uses their time wisely, who performs well under stress and meets all required deadlines. 
  5. Self-awareness – athletes are team members who bring their own set of skills to the table with an awareness of how their contribution compliments the input of others. This displays an understanding of how they will fit into company culture. 

“Success in sports boils down to finding the best fit university, having a good strategy and getting started early,” says Pretorius. With a specialised athletic division, Crimson Education assists learners by designing and helping to implement an admissions roadmap. This includes athletic campaigning to coaches, eligibility assessment, creating a recruitment video, and test preparation and tutoring to ensure that academic requirements are met.

Helping applicants navigate admissions processes and campaign to coaches across all divisions has seen 100% of Crimson Education students gain access to universities on a sports scholarship. Students and parents who are inspired by the idea can attend one of the company’s information sessions by emailing

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