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Tips To Using A Manual Breast Pump

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Using a manual breast pump is not as arduous as some moms think it should be. The beauty of manual pumping is that it is actually really simple to master. However, if you are feeling reservations to this type of pump and are unsure of how you will manage to operate it, read on below now. We will give you an easy, step by step guide to using a manual breast pump.

Using A Manual Breast Pump – The Steps Every Mom Needs To Know

  1. Before pumping, ensure you have thoroughly washed the pump as well as your hands
  2. Read the provided instruction manual carefully to familiarize yourself with your pump
  3. Always pump in a room which is secluded and leaves you in a state of relaxation
  4. Have a picture of your baby on hand – this helps stimulate milk production in most moms
  5. Gently begin to pump and find a rhythm which suites you – if you do not express immediately, do not worry, it may take you a few minutes before let down occurs
  6. Once you do begin to produce milk, try different pumping tempos to try and best match your baby’s suckle
  7. Try to switch breasts consistently to allow each to express – ensure each breast has been pumped for 15 minutes minimum

Tips For Using A Manual Pump

  1. Know What You’re Looking For: before investing in a breast pump, know what it is you are looking for. Research thoroughly into whether you want an electronic pump, a manual pump or would prefer to rent a hospital grade pump in the beginning. See which will best suit both your lifestyle and your budget.
  2. Practice Makes Perfect: try practicing with your pump for a while before you actually plan on pumping regularly. For instance, if you are planning on going back to work, and have mainly been breastfeeding, begin to pump two weeks before you plan on making it a regular routine. This will give you time to familiarize yourself with the machine and how long it will take you to express.
  3. Dress For The Occasion – make sure that what you wear is suited to pumping. Generally, more flowy pieces which button down in the front are ideal. 

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