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There are safety covers, and then there are safety covers

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Know what you are buying. Understand compliance.

Remember this is your child’ s life on the line here so it is perfectly OK to ask your supplier the difficult questions. A solid safety cover may seem like a simple item but sub standard materials and installation methods have a direct impact on your safety cover’s efficiency and longevity. When efficiency relates to lives, it can’t be more critical. Choose a brand like PowerPlastics Pool Covers that has been covering pools for decades, not weeks. 

The finer details of safety compliance

There has been wide industry collaboration and years of research that has gone into laying out the pool safety guidelines and, in South Africa, the function is addressed by the SABS, forming part of the national building standards, specifically SANS 10134.

The cover specs you need to know / the technical questions you should be asking the pool cover supplier to ensure your compliance are:

  • Are there any gaps or openings that allow unsupervised entry? If yes, can I fit a ball of 9cm x 14cm x 30cm through the gap? (this being the size of a child’s head or torso).
  • Can the device bear weights of up to 220 kg? (static load test).
  • Opening test – is the cover sufficiently anchored to prevent a child gaining access to the pool water?
  • Does rain or sprinkler water drain off so the cover is dry within 10 minutes, with no pools forming on top of the cover?

The PowerPlastics Solid Safety Cover is SA’s bestselling safety cover to prevent drownings. The baton and ratchet system creates a tensioned PVC cover that a child is not able to tamper with. 

Remember, the questions will get a lot harder after a tragedy has occurred in your pool and you are found to be non compliant with SANS 10134. PowerPlastics Pool Covers keeps you compliant and the family safe. Contact us with any questions on safety compliance for pools. 

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  • Robynn Paul November 24, 2023 at 6:38 am

    Very informative, thank you. Had no idea that not all products are safety compliant on the market.

  • Allaine Marais November 24, 2023 at 11:30 am

    Safety compliance is definitely something undeerated and often we are made to feel nad for asking suppiers uncomfortable questions but this article was supper insightful and make me put my anxiety to rest knowing that im not being overbearing when i ask these questions


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