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The Screen-Free Sleep Aid Every South African Parent Needs to Know About

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In an era marked by rising screen addiction among children, Morphée has introduced an offline innovation designed to mitigate digital dependence and revolutionise sleep.

My Little Morphée, an internationally established screen-free sleep aid designed for children aged three to ten, has made its debut in South Africa.

Developed in conjunction with a team of international experts including sophrologists, psychologists and hypnotherapists, My Little Morphée has been dubbed an ‘offline oasis,’ shaping the sleep aid landscape by offering a non-digital approach to self-soothing, daytime serenity and peaceful sleep, without the harmful effects of screen exposure.

Its key feature being an extensive content library containing 192 audio journeys, spanning eight to twenty minutes, including soothing stories, guided meditations and soft music tracks. Children can choose a travel companion from an array of friendly animals in soothing settings, fostering essential life skills such as boldness, confidence, wisdom and generosity. The product also features nature sounds and white noise, teaching children how to master their emotions and self-regulate.

According to Morphée’s South African Brand Manager, Daniella Degens, “We have received numerous positive reviews from our international team regarding the efficacy of My Little Morphée, especially when it comes to children who struggle to self-sooth. Parents also find the safety of its screen-free nature really reassuring, particularly for younger children.”

Endorsed by a wide spectrum of international medical professionals including doctors, paediatricians, psychologists, nurses, physiotherapists, sophrologists, yoga practitioners and teachers, My Little Morphée is a trusted choice for parents seeking to provide their children with a healthier and more wholesome alternative to screen-based products.

“Distinguishing itself from traditional story boxes, this beautifully designed product serves as a compelling solution to helping families break free from the modern-day challenge of digital devices. It goes beyond entertainment, inviting children to explore a wide range of creative and calming journeys, without the harmful effects associated with screens. Serving as an introduction to self-regulation and meditation, My Little Morphée alleviates anxiety, enhances concentration skills, boosts self-confidence and sooths children to sleep – all of which contribute positively to their overall health and well-being” says Daniella.

Designed with French flair, commitment to quality and an APP-free, WiFi-free and screen-free experience, My Little Morphée has been crafted with modern travellers in mind, offering the added convenience of a three-hour battery life.

Since its inception in 2008, the brand has experienced exponential growth across six continents, earning numerous international awards, including ‘Best Sleep Product of the Year’ and the ‘Healthy Sleep Awards,’ cementing My Little Morphée’s prominent position on the global stage.

Poised to challenge the conventional notion of child entertainment by providing an enriching alternative that captivates children’s imaginations, My Little Morphée emerges as a much-needed screen-free solution for South African parents.

Other products in the collection include My Morphée created for adults featuring a comprehensive selection of sophrology and meditation sessions, cardiac coherence and immersive journeys, along with The Morphée Zen designed to manage stress in an instant.


RRP: R2490 including VAT

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  • Trudy March 9, 2024 at 9:24 am

    Do you recommend My little Morphee for new borns as well, to help sleep?


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