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The best products for healthy babies and children

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Babies and children require seemingly few products to stay healthy, but as they age, most parents realise that there are some essentials that do not only boost and improve their child’s health, but also makes the parents’ lives easier.

While requirements vary from family to family, there are a few basics that are considered beneficial for young ones. Here are a few products we recommend:

Health care products

Every household needs quick and easy access to a first aid kit or health care kit. When you need it, it’s usually to attend to an immediate problem, meaning there’s no time to search around. First-time parents sometimes aren’t sure what exactly they’ll need for baby’s first aid kit, which is why it’s will be handy if you have a pre-packed kit filled with the basics. We recommend the Safety First Healthcare Kit (R289.99), an 11-piece kit containing all the basics you’ll need for baby’s basic health needs. From a nasal aspirator, to a digital thermometer, medicine dropper and soft grip toothbrush, this handy kit covers all the basics.

Grooming products

Babies might not need much grooming to start off with, but as soon as they’re a little bit older you’ll need to look into nail clippers, hairbrushes, and other basic grooming items. Like with a health care kit, it might be difficult for first-time parents to know exactly which items to buy. The Safety First Essential Grooming Kit (R229.95) is a handy 10-piece kit containing all the good quality basics you’ll need, such as a comb, hairbrush, nail clippers, nail files and more.

Breast pump

Breastfeeding moms know that there comes a time – be it when you return to work, or when you need to pop out – that a good quality breast pump becomes a lifesaver. Whether you pump because you can’t physically be with your baby to breastfeed, or whether it’s to allow dad and other family members to help out with feeding, many women find pumping easy and convenient – with the right pump, of course. Medela Harmony Essentials Pack (R999.95) combines everything moms need for breast milk pumping in one breast pump set. It comes complete with a silicone teat, four milk storage bags to store and freeze your milk, and four ultra-thin nursing pads: everything you need to express and store your breast milk and feed it to your baby. This single manual breast pump is perfect for moms who want to try out pumping, moms who express occasionally and need a lightweight travel companion, or moms who want a handy backup to their electric pump.

Quality bottles

On the days that you’re pumping, you’ll need some quality bottles with which to store your baby’s milk. It’s important to choose a brand that makes use of materials safe for baby, that’s convenient and durable. Medela Milk Storage Bottles 2-Pack (R339.99) are free from Bisphenol (BPA) for your baby’s health, dishwasher and microwave safe for your convenience and ideal for expressing, storing, freezing, and feeding breastmilk.

A good quality multivitamin

Let’s face it – most parents struggle to get their children to eat vegetables, and picky eaters often end up lacking many of the essential nutrients needed for healthy growth. This is where multivitamins come in. A good quality supplement contributes to the normal function of the immune systems and the normal function of many other systems in the body contributing to general wellbeing. We recommend: NutriPure Kids Multi-Vitamin Complete (R126.95) which is specially formulated in a tasty, soft, and chewy gummy, making taking vitamins fun and easy for children aged three and older. Each NutriPure Multi-Vitamin Complete gummy contains 11 essential vitamins and minerals: Vitamin D, B6, B12, C, Biotin, Pantothenic Acid and Niacin to help metabolize carbohydrates, fats, and proteins.

An effective probiotic

Probiotics are an essential supplement for all ages. A balanced intestinal micro-flora is highly important in keeping the body in healthy working order and is a key element in overall well-being. Plus, it helps us to better metabolize all the healthy nutrients we consume in foods. We recommend: NutriPure Kids Pro-Biotics (R139.95), which is formulated with Bifidobacterium infantis and Lactobacillus rhamnosus, two scientifically tested bacteria strains. Each NutriPure bear contains one billion live cultures to help your child boost his daily culture intake.

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