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The amazing benefits of hugging your baby

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Have you ever had that feeling that you just cannot give your baby enough hugs? And that you just want to hold her as much as possible.  Well good news, a recent study [1] has found that hugging your baby during the early part of their life can help with brain development, as well as help with other trauma newborns may experience.

A survey done during the research showed that by presenting your newborn with gentle displays of affection can actually have a lasting effect on how the baby’s brain reacts to touch.   This is especially relevant to premature babies, where it was found that the more supportive touch the baby received from their parents and the hospital staff, the stronger their brain responses were.

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While we as parents might feel our hearts growing every time we hug our babies, the truth of the matter is they that your baby’s brain is actually growing faster because of it.

So parents, don’t be shy to shower your babies with love and affection, it will help them grow.  Hug them, kiss them, dance with them, and see how they grow into wonderful adults.

[1] Nathalie L. Maitre, Alexandra P. Key, Olena D. Chorna, James C. Slaughter, Pawel J. Matusz, Mark T. Wallace, Micah M. Murray. The Dual Nature of Early-Life Experience on Somatosensory Processing in the Human Infant Brain, 2017

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  • Robynn Paul November 27, 2023 at 6:51 am

    Definitely don’t mind hugging and cuddling my chunky guy more. Babies are the cutest!!!

  • Allaine Marais November 27, 2023 at 11:21 am

    We are such huuuuuge higgers in our family so our babies get all the lil huggies and kisses constantly. Its just a thing innour family. It was so good to read that it actually helps with the physical growth and development of our kids. This was such a good read.


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