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Preparing your home for your baby

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Waiting for you baby to arrive is both exciting and nerve wrecking. In order to mentally prepare yourself and your family, you can start getting  your home ready for the newest addition of your household.

The urge to get your home ready for your baby is also known as nesting, and it’ll normally happen near the end of your third trimester. If you are ready to start spring cleaning, here are some tips on how best to organise your home for little one.

Have everything ready for your return from the hospital

When you and your baby return from hospital you’ll probably be feeling tired and sore, so making sure your home is ready before you go into labour is a good idea. Food prep, cleaning and buying home supplies are all things that’ll become more difficult with a newborn. Meal prepping, having a stocked baby changing table and home essentials stock piled will all be things you’ll be glad to have done beforehand.

Baby proofing your home

Baby proofing your home can ideally start up to 3 months before your due date, as this will give you time for any projects that may take slightly longer. Cover all electrical sockets, get safety latches for cabinets and get rid of any loose or dangling cords.

Not only can you take your time prepping your home, but you can also make sure that you are ready with baby essentials, such as a changing table, a baby monitor and newborn baby clothes. All things you don’t want to be looking for postpartum with a baby to look after.

Don’t over do it

Although it can be tempting to go full throttle with home adjustments there are certain things you should avoid to prevent injuring yourself. Don’t move large furniture, as your ligaments and tendons are softened by pregnancy hormones, making a strain or injury more likely. Avoid reaching too high, as this can put strain on your lower back (which may already be achy).

Delegating to your family and friends eager to help will give you the opportunity to rest while making sure that your home is perfect for your newest addition.

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