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Motherhood and LASIK: Discover How Laser Vision Correction Can Transform Your Parenting Experience

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As mothers, we juggle countless responsibilities, striving to capture every precious moment with our children. But what if you could see these moments more clearly, literally? Sandton Eye Clinic specializes in advanced refractive surgeries like LASIK, PRK, PresbyLasik, and Multifocal Cataract Surgery, all designed to refine your vision and correct refractive errors so you can bid farewell to glasses or contact lenses.

We’ve collaborated with exceptional women—new mothers and grandmothers alike—who have experienced the life-changing effects of laser vision correction. Their stories aim to inspire and inform you about the advantages of these procedures at every stage of motherhood. Firstly, let us explain why you may need laser vision correction.

Laser vision correction surgeries like LASIK and PRK are designed to treat refractive errors by reshaping the cornea to ensure proper focusing of light on the retina. Whether you’re dealing with near-sightedness, far-sightedness, astigmatism, or presbyopia, these procedures offer significant improvements in visual acuity and the freedom from glasses or contacts. They’re tailored for those who find glasses or contacts inconvenient, those battling frequent eye infections from contact lens use, or simply anyone seeking predictable, long-term vision enhancement.

Vision Care for a Lifetime

Imagine waking up tomorrow morning and seeing everything clearly, without glasses or contact lenses. Reading the bedtime story with no need for corrective lenses or getting up for the little ones in the middle of the night without searching for glasses. When will you need additional surgery to keep your spectacle independence?

After 18 you become eligible for Laser vision correction. This will make it possible to spend motherhood without corrective lenses. Laser vision correction does correct your current refractive error permanently. It does not prevent the normal ageing of your eyes and around age 45 you will need reading glasses. At this stage PresbyLasik can be done as a top up to get rid of the readers. By age 65 cataracts will start to develop and you will need cataract surgery. Once again you can choose multifocal lenses and keep your spectacle independence. This means that it is also possible to be a grandmother without the need for corrective lenses. Laser vision correction does not prevent the development of other eye diseases. It is of utmost importance to keep screening for other eye diseases throughout your lifetime.

Is LASIK Safe?

Lasik is the safest, most effective, life-changing elective outpatient surgical procedure of any kind of all time. There are possible risks, like with any medical procedure, but serious complications from LASIK are extremely rare. 

Let’s look at hard evidence. An important set of studies conducted by the FDA took an in-depth look at patient outcomes following LASIK. These studies confirm published reports of the outstanding safety and efficacy of LASIK. Ninety-nine percent of subjects in PROWL-1 were satisfied with their outcomes. 

I have to mention that glasses are the safest option to correct your vision as there is no surgical procedure involved. If you are already a contact lens wearer, it means that you prefer the comfort of not wearing glasses. Sight affecting corneal microbial infections are 10 times higher in long term contact lens wearers than after LASIK. 99% of patients agreed that LASIK works better for them than contact lenses.

For mothers the improved quality of life has a huge influence on their decision. Ultimately, whether or not it’s worth it for you is a very personal decision.

Does Pregnancy Reverse LASIK?

During pregnancy the hormonal changes influence your cornea and may cause fluctuation in your vision or refractive error whether you wear glasses or had LASIK. These changes are however not permanent and your refraction will return to what it was before pregnancy as soon as your hormones stabilize and you normal cycle returns. This means that your clear vision after LASIK will not be reversed by Pregnancy. You can however not have LASIK during pregnancy and will have to wait about three to six months after your baby was born to have LASIK. If you are breastfeeding you can have LASIK as soon as your normal cycle returns, indicating that your hormones have stabilized. 

Now, let’s hear from real moms who’ve shared their stories about laser vision correction and motherhood. 

Their experiences might resonate with you more than you think.

Mom 1: Asha Singh

Stage of Motherhood: Newly Pregnant

Procedure: LASIK & PRK in November 2023

“I had my surgery at the end of last year, a month before my pregnancy. I had

LASIK in my right eye and PRK in my left eye. My motivation was how inconvenient my vision problems made my life as a busy woman. There is a common myth that pregnancy can reverse LASIK, but I haven’t noticed any changes in my vision quality. At the moment, my PRK eye has 20/20 vision, and my LASIK eye is -0.5, but it may continue to improve as it heals. My advice to mothers considering laser vision correction: It’ll make a huge difference to your quality of life not having to worry about contact lenses or glasses. The most underrated feeling is being able to wake up and just see.”

Mom 2: Candice Ngcobo

Stage of Motherhood: Expecting

Procedure: PRK in July 2023

“I had my PRK surgery last year on July 17. My main motivation was the

deterioration of my eyesight. My glasses were quite thick, affecting my self-esteem and confidence. I wanted to wake up and be able to see without reaching for my glasses. I heard about the myth that pregnancy can reverse the effects of LASIK and was a little worried, but I haven’t noticed any changes in my vision quality during pregnancy. My last check-up was a few months ago, and Dr. Coetzee was very happy with my eyesight. My advice to other mothers is to get the surgery! It’s been one of the best decisions I’ve made. I’m so happy with my results that my husband is now considering having it done too!”

Mom 3: Selina Naidoo

Stage of Motherhood: Mother of a 9-month-old

Procedure: PRK in April 2022

“I’ve seen how my daughter snatches people’s glasses off their faces, so I’m glad

I don’t have to wear glasses anymore. Looking back, I wish I did the surgery sooner. My eyesight has been perfect throughout my pregnancy. I feel so much more confident as a mother because my eyesight is better. My advice to other mothers is that each pregnancy is different, and so are eye procedures. But it was worth it for me. I’m grateful I had the opportunity to get LASIK done.”

Mom 4: Cartier Lebatie

Stage of Motherhood: Mother of an 11-month-old

Procedure: PRK & Corneal Cross-Linking in September 2023

“Before LASIK/PRK, I faced challenges like needing to find my glasses when I

was half asleep and doing the night feed with my newborn. Improved vision has completely changed my life, both personally and professionally. First, it alleviated the financial burden of buying new glasses. Second, I can enjoy all the stages of my baby without her grabbing my glasses off my face. Third, my performance as a lawyer has improved because I can now read case law without eye strain. An enhanced hobby for me is going to the movies and watching 3D movies without wearing 3D glasses over my normal glasses.”

Mom 5: Adele Koolen

Stage of Motherhood: Mother to a 7-year-old boy, Desmond, also known as “The Feel GoodKid”

Procedure: PRK in March 2023

“Before PRK, my main challenges as a mother were constantly looking for my glasses and ensuring they stayed intact. I always had to make sure I had them with me to see Desmond on stage or the sports field. Somehow, with kids, glasses always seem to end up in trouble! After the procedure, my biggest improvements have been with driving and working on the PC. I no longer have to worry about misplacing or damaging my glasses.

I’ve also rediscovered my love for padel, which has been so much easier now that I don’t need glasses, especially when playing at night. Not needing to worry about specs has truly made my life simpler and more enjoyable.”

Mom 6: Ellenie Langdon

Stage of Motherhood: Grandmother

Procedure: Multifocal Cataract Surgery in Late 2023

“I used to be a hard-working, independent woman. All that changed when I had

dense cataracts. I was unable to work, enjoy my hobbies, or even cross the road. But this all changed when I received eyesight correction surgery. My greatest, happiest moment post-surgery was the day my grandson was born. I was able to see his gorgeous little face. I would recommend this surgery to anyone. It is life-changing. Thank you so much!”


Laser vision correction can profoundly influence motherhood by enhancing your ability to experience life’s moments more vividly with your children. Consulting with a refractive surgeon is the first step to understanding how these advancements in eye care can cater specifically to your needs and lifestyle as a mother. 

To learn more about laser vision correction or to book a consultation, visit our website or contact our clinic directly. Whats App (+27)11 784 7000

Disclaimer: If you are considering LASIK visit your refractive surgeon for advice. Glasses are safe because there is no medical procedure involved. If you are happy to wear glasses LASIK is not for you. It may however be a good idea to donate your preloved glasses. LASIK is a lifestyle procedure providing unaided vision. According to research the cumulative risk of contact lenses may be more than LASIK. Three-Year Longitudinal Survey Comparing Visual Satisfaction with LASIK and Contact Lenses

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