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Introducing your little ones to fruit

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Introducing your little one to trickier tastes, particularly fruit, early on in the weaning journey will help them accept them more readily.

Infants usually start with pureed or mashed foods such as nutritious, organic and tasty baby and toddler pouches, a convenient way for babies to explore food on the go – just simple combinations of fruits and grains for a fun taste adventure!

As your little one gets older, you can have fun with all sorts of fruits and finger foods, discovering new tastes and textures along the way!


As your little one grows, their sense of adventure does too, and from around 6 to 12 months they’ll be open to trying new tastes. This is often called the weaning window.

Research shows that babies who are offered a wide variety of tastes and textures at this age are more likely to eat a range of foods later in childhood. Don’t worry though it may take 10-15 tries for your baby to get used to new tastes, so keep trying! There will be days when they eat more, some when they eat less, and then days when they reject everything – this is normal.


Solid food will feel strange at first, start slowly and simply. Softer textures are very important when first introducing fruit such as soft banana slices. Do this each day until your baby is looking for more. Over the next couple of weeks gradually increase the amount you are giving and slowly introduce new flavours, colours and textures so your little one can develop the mouth control they need. 

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