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How to Sign Up to our amazing Online Learning Platform.

We are super proud to announce that the EdTech Awards 2022 have just been released – and yay! We are the BEST AGAIN! We are the most awarded EdTech Company on the planet, with 215+ awards in the last four years! A decade of evidence and research, buffered by over 215 education awards (10 times the closest competitor), establishes us as the premier Edtech solution available to schools and families.

We specialize in SpecialEd and offer remedial support to our students with learning difficulties or disabilities. We have the awards to prove our success. Our program is also an excellent choice if you’d like to challenge your academically strong child, as they get to work ahead and complete more than one grade level per year.

Please find attached our Informational Pack to assist you with any further questions you might have.  And…Don’t forget about our FREE 14-day Trial Period on our program. The Placement Test is included in the trial. All we need is for you to complete our online registration form:

Listed below are some of the great features we have to offer you:

The following components are included in our package: Digital Literacy, Core Subjects, and Career Studies.  

Our Fees: 

Our Fees include all tutorials, assessments, and intervention packs.

Individual Student Registration Fee:: Registration fee of R1000 per student or R1500 per Family Registration (Payable over 2/3 instalments)

Grade K – Gr. 8: R400/student package/month (All resources, assessments, and tests included – no hidden costs)

GED: R500/student package/month (Includes digital course, PDF Study Guide, 1 for each subject, lots of bonus material, Mock Exams)

GED Exam FEE: $80/subject – 4 Subjects

American High School Diploma (Gr. 9 – 12): R1600/student per month. (Includes all resources, assessments, and exams)

Our program is offered in English. We offer a complete curriculum solution; students may log in 24/7/365. 

Students start with a list of 5 Placement Tests; this will help us determine exactly where they need to start. With the results, we will also be able to identify if they have learning gaps and then set up a personalized learning plan for each student.

Parent Support:  Parents can log in anytime to view their child’s progress from the parent portal. Our students work on their proficiency level and at their own pace. This feature makes our program ideal for special needs students and exceptional students who need a challenge. 

Student Support:  Our Student Managers are on duty from 8 am to 4 pm and are always available to help should a student contact them via their messenger for assistance. 

These are just some of the fantastic features our program has to offer!

Assessments & Exams: We prefer the continuous assessment approach; therefore, our students in grades K – 8 do not write exams. For our high school students, exams will depend on the matric option they have chosen. 

Registration Process:

  1. Complete our online form Your 14-day FREE trial period starts here!
  2. Login, then complete the Placement Test.
  3. Notify us once all Placement Tests have been completed.
  4. You will receive the results of the Placement Test by email.
  5. You will be requested to schedule a zoom meeting with us to discuss the Placement Test results.
  6. We set up your child’s personalized learning plan.
  7. Students may start with lessons.
  8. We invoice you should you wish to sign up!

Subjects offered:  See the Informational Pack for each of the learning paths.

Digital Literacy and Career Studies are part of the package.               

All learning resources/tutorials/assessments/tests are completed online. Our fees include all tutorials, assessments, and intervention packs.

Terms Dates & Holidays:  Centre Students will follow their own term dates. Virtual Students may decide when they take breaks.  

Accreditation:  All our courses are accredited and accepted internationally and in SA. The GED is accredited by the US Council on Education, listed on the SAQA website, and accepted by our universities and Colleges. The American High School Diploma is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges and accepted by our SA uni’s, also listed on the USAf website.

Technical requirements:  Internet connection, device with a minimum of 1.6 1.60GHz processor. (laptop/pc/tablet/iPad), headphones or earphones.

Registration with the Department of Education:

Please be reminded that it is the responsibility of the parent to register their child/children as home schoolers with the DoE.  This only applies to students who are still of compulsory school-going age (7 – 15).  See the webpage of Pestalozzi Trust for more info on this:

I hope this has been helpful. Please feel free to contact me should you need any further assistance.

Feel free to use our WhatsApp number @ 084 685 2138 (Haelene) for a speedy response should you have any other questions.

Contact the Educ8 SA Team today!

084 685 2138

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