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  • 85 percent of a child’s brain development has already taken place by the age of six.  
  • Children who participate in quality pre-school education reach higher levels of education, are less likely to drop out of school, and have lower chances of needing learner support later on in their school careers. 
  • Children aged three to five are in the crucial stages of developing self-regulation; learning how to focus, wait, and control their impulses. While these skills are built on into adolescence, the critical building blocks are formed during their early years. 
  • Children form attachment styles between the ages of two and three. This means that children need a safe and caring environment to learn how to interact and behave around others, paving the way for relational attachments later in life.  

During the early years of life, children have a natural curiosity to explore the world around them. Through play, they participate in nature’s way of learning, picking up on cues and experiences in their everyday. 

While children will continue to learn naturally, introducing young children to organised instruction outside of their family context supports their ability to learn both soft and hard skills. In a loving, creative and intentional environment, children are given more opportunities to develop their cognitive, physical, social and emotional skills which lays a solid foundation for future learning and school readiness. 

Enrolling your child into pre-school can be a big decision, but starting early helps your child to “learn how to learn” as they spend time in the classroom and on the playground, learning from their peers, their teachers, and their own experiences. 

A good-quality pre-school that allows for all the above to happen is one that puts the social and emotional wellbeing of a child at the forefront, includes perceptual motor development, a rich language environment and activities that stimulate cognitive development. 

At HeronBridge Pre-Preparatory, we provide a happy, safe and encouraging space for children, aged two to six, to grow and develop. All of our teachers are specialists in Early Childhood Development which means that while children spend the day “playing” their activities are specifically designed to facilitate learning in a way that is relevant and age-appropriate to each child. 

To find out more about HeronBridge, and why we believe in laying a solid foundation for learning through Pre-Prep education, visit our website or book a tour on 079 508 7436. 

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