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Get The ABC’s On C-Section Births

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C-section births are a hot topic within the parenting world. Some mother’s may elect to have these for various reasons, and schedule their caesarean. This is known as a planned (or elective) C-section. Other moms may need to have this procedure done, even though they have elected to give natural birth. This is commonly known as an emergency C-section. We will take a look at this procedure and all topics surrounding it below.

What Are Elective C-Section Births?

Elective, or planned caesareans take place generally when there is a medical complication involved causing the mother to be at risk giving natural birth. A mother will be guided towards this operation on advice from either her midwife, or obstetrician. Common reasons for elective C-section births are:

  • Problems surrounding the mothers placenta placement, such as placenta praevia (a low-lying placenta)
  • The baby’s position in the womb will compromise the natural birth, such as a breech baby
  • Twins, or multiple babies

What Are Emergency C-Section Births?

Emergency tends to send chills down one’s spine, particularly when your children are involved. However, emergency C-sections are not as ominous as they sound. They are neither rushed nor mean you or your baby are necessarily in danger. Reasons for an emergency C-section birth include:

  • Your labour is not progressing
  • You do not go into labour after being induced by your doctor and you are already over your due date
  • You experience vaginal bleeding during pregnancy or birth
  • Your baby or your health becomes a concern to your physician
  • You go into labour before a scheduled elective C-section

Experiencing A C-Section Birth

If you have been a C-section mom – planned or not – know that there are means to help you through both the preparation for, and recovery after having the procedure done. 

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