Curro appoints new Curriculum Executive

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South Africa’s leading independent school group, Curro Holdings, is thrilled to announce the appointment of Anthony Edwards as the company’s new Curriculum Executive. This senior leadership role will see Edwards taking the helm of all matters related to the group’s curriculum and leading a team of seasoned education experts.

Outlining his vision for Curro, Edwards emphasises the importance of curriculum innovation and excellence, stating, “An innovative Curriculum is at the heart of Curro’s purpose, and our curriculum must continue to reflect our core values, whilst connecting learners to real life events and developing their character skills.”

Edwards boasts an impressive track record encompassing more than 33 years in the education sector. He holds a BA Degree in Mathematics and a Postgraduate Higher Diploma in Education from the University of Potchefstroom, where he graduated cum laude. Concentrating on his passion for mathematics and history, Edwards taught at Grade 12 level in several independent schools across South Africa, gaining extensive experience in curriculum development and school operational management.

He is no stranger to the Curro family, having begun his journey within the group in 2011 when he joined as the Executive Head of Curro Serengeti in Gauteng. Progressing into the realm of curriculum quality assurance in 2015, Edwards was appointed as General Manager of Schools at Curro in 2016, overseeing a diverse portfolio of schools across the group’s education offering including the Curro, Meridian, Curro Academy as well as Curro Select Schools. His tenure has also seen him manage new school acquisitions and expand Curro’s footprint beyond South Africa, with schools in Botswana and Namibia under his purview.

Since 2023, Edwards has served as the Business Manager for Curro Select Schools, standalone preschools, and standalone primary schools, a role that prepared him well for his appointment to the position of Curriculum Executive. In his new role, Anthony will integrate all models and curriculum offerings across the group, including Independent Examination Board (IEB), National Senior Certificate (NSC) (DBE), DigiEd, and Cambridge, ensuring that the Curro curriculum remains innovative and aligned with the group’s core values.

“I am excited to continue developing our team’s growth mindset, and using our curriculum to help develop the ability of our learners to think critically and make empowering decisions that ensure they make meaningful contributions to society,” states Edwards.

Curro Holdings Deputy CEO, Mari Lategan, expressed her excitement about Edwards’ appointment, stating, “Anthony’s passion for education and his extensive experience within Curro make him the perfect fit for this crucial role. We are confident that with Anthony leading our curriculum team, we can look forward to further enrichment of our curriculum offerings, ensuring that our learners receive a comprehensive and dynamic education”.

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