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Every expectant mom wants the very best for her baby. Chicco, leaders in baby products for 62 years, know the importance of ensuring parents only top quality products, whilst making their lives as easy as possible.

The Chicco Natural Feeling Newborn Starter Set is a wonderful introduction package of Natural Feeling nursing products. Natural Feeling as a bottle range has been one of the most widely accepted ranges by babies on a global scale, with a 96% latch rate on teats and excellent anti-colic functionality. 

With two bottles in the set (150ml and 250ml), feeding can be easily interchanged between breast and bottle without adjusting the child’s way of suckling.

With the two bottles, the set also comes with the Physio Soft pacifier. Another global superstar product, this orthodontic dummy has a small-necked teat that neatly clips into the palate and avoids lolling around in the mouth, creating less saliva stagnation and a much gentler soothe. 

The entire dummy is made from soft silicone that is gentle enough for face-sleeping children to continue soothing without hurting their faces. With no additional parts to the unit, there is no air space for water or mould to creep in.

The set also comes with the Chicco Bottle Brush 3in1, a bottle cleaner with brush and tongs to pull out heated sterilised components without scalding.

The Chicco Natural Feeling Newborn Starter Set, in a transparent design is a fantastic way for mom to start the nursing process – whether breast feeding, expressing and feeding or pure bottle feeding.

Grab one today from Clicks stores, Takealot, Loot and selected other stores.

*Breast milk is best.

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