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Chicco anti-mosquito spray

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100% natural protection for your little ones when they need it most.  With Spring upon us, insects are back in full force – mosquitos in particular.

Keep your baby bite and sting free in the gentlest, yet most effective way possible – the Chicco Anti-mosquito spray. 

Available in 100ml, it is part of a comprehensive range of products that use natural ingredients such as Melissa and Crabwood oils as effective repellents. Non-toxic and gentle on skin, the products have a fresh and natural fragrance and 100% efficacy rate.

Choose from other products in the range such as cot and pram nets, roll-on repellent, after-bite lotion, repellent lotion and repellent wet wipes.

Available at Baby City, Babies R Us, Takealot, Kids Emporium, Loot, The Kid Zone and other retailers.

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