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Bubblegummers are back! Strong, comfy, scented sneakers for building imagination without limits

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Bata South Africa has brought back its top-selling, global children’s footwear range, Bubblegummers, promising to fuel the imagination of little ones once again with the coolest, comfiest shoes around.

The new line of Bubblegummers high-tops and sneakers is out now in selected Edgars stores nationwide and online. 

A firm favourite for kids the world over, Bubblegummers have delivered lasting memories of fun and adventure for generations of children. They’re crafted for function, durability and great support for growing feet, but designed with colour and fun in mind.

With elasticated laces and light-up soles – infused with a signature bubblegum scent – the new line includes a variety of styles, designs, colours and sizes, packaged in a super sturdy and lightweight fit that’s perfect for active and playful kids.

Bata Country Manager, Michael Wyatt, says: “Every pair of Bubblegummers is designed with the most advanced technology to ensure that kids can play and explore in comfort and safety in their early years. Bubblegummers is all about combining fun, form and function, and we’re confident that kids and parents alike will love the innovation and aesthetic appeal that have been incorporated into the design of this new line.”

Bubblegummers footwear innovation

The new Bubblegummers range of sneakers is antibacterial and breathable thanks to special Bubble Breathe technology.

Bubble flex helps the shoes adapt comfortably to the energetic movements of childhood. Bubble absorption in the sole of the shoe keeps busy little feet protected, while a non-slip bubble grip supports the child’s stability as they explore the world.

Bubble health keeps feet fresh and free from odour-causing bacteria, thanks to sanitised insoles. And to top it off, there’s bubble smell, with a signature Tutti Frutti bubblegum fragrance infused into every pair of Bubblegummers.

The Bubblegummers range caters for girls and boys, and all shoes are designed with a child’s general developmental goals and ages in mind. 

Bubblegummers for infants are soft, yet offer protection from unexpected bumps, while shoes for pre-school children have an easy fit and are flexible for energetic toddlers who want to play.


“Children take up to 16 000 steps every day as they play and keep active. As parents it’s our responsibility to encourage play and physical activity, which are necessary for growth. This is why the Bubblegummers range is designed to allow for flexibility and protection, with the colours and technologies that your children need to grow up healthy and happy, as they build their imagination without limits,” says Wyatt.

Shop Bubblegummers at selected Edgars outlets nationwide, and Edgars online. Sizes range from toddler size 6 to 10 and kids’ size 11 to 3, for boys and girls.

Follow Bubblegummers on social media: 

Instagram: @bubblegummers_za

Facebook: Bubblegummers_ZA

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  • Zayne Khan April 20, 2023 at 7:42 am

    Love Bubblegummers…I used it as a kid and I’m glad it’s still going strong so my kids can use them!

  • Kubashnie Sheik Amod April 20, 2023 at 3:13 pm

    This is fantastic, love the bubblegummers brand. Shoes are long lasting and durable. Hope to win for my daughter.


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