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Breastfeeding Do’s And Don’ts: How To Lead A Healthy Breastfeeding Diet

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The Do’s Of A Breastfeeding Diet

The importance of leading a healthy diet whilst breastfeeding is really important. Therefore, knowing what you should do to help you lead a healthy life style is crucial. Read on below for the do’s of a healthy breastfeeding diet below!

Do Drink A Lot (But Only The Good Stuff!)

When you are lactating, you will be losing a lot of fluids on a daily basis. Therefore, you need to keep yourself hydrated. Always keep a water bottle on hand. Ensure you drink at least at least 8 – 10 glasses of water daily. Mix things up by enjoying other fluids such as natural fruit juices, caffeine free herbal teas and soups. 

Do Eat A Balanced Diet

Eating a healthy, three meal a day diet is a great starting point for a lactating mum. Get in adequate amounts of vitamins from veggies and fruits, proteins from meats or protein rich vegetables, iron, and calcium. Remember, breastfeeding is calorie burning, demanding work! Therefore, give your body the best foot forward by giving it all the nutrients it needs in this time.

Do Get Into The Habit Of Healthy Snacking

Snacking will also be important during this time, especially when breastfeeding, make sure you have a handful of nuts or fruit when breastfeeding to keep your sugar levels up. Snacking throughout the day will also help your metabolism stay active, which will help in keeping your weight constant. 

The Don’ts Of A Breastfeeding Diet

In the same right, there are a lot of things you shouldn’t do when breastfeeding. Take a look at what not to do when breastfeeding by reading on below now!

Don’t Go On An Actual Diet

Going on an actual diet is a terrible idea when breastfeeding. Firstly, limiting your daily calorie intake could this possibly affect your lactation frequency. Secondly, when your body begins to detox, the toxins which are being released could release themselves into your breastmilk. 

Don’t Avoid High Allergen Foods

Contrary to popular belief, eating high allergen foods during breastfeeding could actually help your child in the long run. The introduction to these in small doses through breastmilk will help them build immunities to these allergens later in life. 

Don’t Binge On The Bad Stuff

By this we don’t just mean alcohol and cigarettes, but high fats and sugars too. The first mentioned substances (alcohol and nicotine) will produce a toxin within your breastmilk. This will then be transferred to your baby through your milk. Regarding fats and sugars, these are nothing more than empty calories with little nutritional value. They will have little impact on your breastmilk and serve no purpose for the health of your child. 

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