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Bathing your newborn

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New-born bath times may seem scary to almost all new parents.  

It’s quite natural to stress at bath time, your baby seems so fragile and it is not often their most favourite time of day. Start slow and get baby accustomed to the idea. The American Academy of Paediatrics suggests you do not jump into deep baths and bubbles quite yet but recommends a Sponge bath or a wipe down during the first few weeks until the umbilical stub falls off. 

First always get organised before you bath baby as this helps limited the stress.

You will need the following: 

  1. Afterbath Mattres
  2. Hooded Towels or a Mother Towel
  3. 2 different colour Facecloths
  4. 2 bowls of warm water (put a small drop of soap or aqueous cream into 1 bowl)
  5. 2 squares of cotton wool
  6. New set of clothes with new nappy

Step by Step

  1. Find a warm and cosy spot for your towelling afterbath mattress. You can do this on your bed, on top of a compactum or even in the bath. – dim the lights if possible and create a relaxing atmosphere. 
  2. If you are using a mother towel place it over your head so it is ready.
  3. Place a hooded towel over the mattress and lay your baby down onto it.
  4. Always start with wiping baby’s face with clean damp cotton wool. Wipe down the one eye and throw away the cotton wool now using a new clean piece of cotton wool wipe down the other eye.  Pat dry with a clean facecloth. 
  5. Slowly undress – reassuring baby all is ok. Take your time.
  6. Dampen a facecloth in the clean water and wet baby all over, massaging as you go.  
  7. Take the second facecloth and dip into the soapy water, now soap baby all over.
  8. Swop to the clean water facecloth (see why 2 different colours will help when you a little sleep deprived) rinse baby all over.
  9. Pick up baby and wrap in your mother towel or in a dry hooded towel. – snuggle with baby. 
  10. While holding baby tight toss the damp towel off your afterbath mattress and get ready for a quick change. 

Don’t forget to have lot more Snuggle Times with baby… The Snuggle is Real….. 


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