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A home and travel safety guide for first-time parents

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Now that the easy part of having a baby is over, you have to go home and deal with the most challenging part – keeping your baby safe. Babies don’t understand danger; as they age, they become more curious and want to touch everything they see.

You will need to make changes around the house to keep your baby safe. This is what experts call babyproofing. Doctors recommend going room by room and making a checklist of all the items needed for each room, but with a newborn baby, who has time for that? Lucky for you, we have made it easy by breaking down the essential items that you will need to keep your baby safe.

Let’s talk about safety gates. Even if you live in a single-story house with no stairs, a baby gate is still essential; for example, it can stop your baby from crawling into the kitchen while knives are lying around and hot oil splashing everywhere. The Safety 1st Auto Close Safety Gate (From R 1 199,00) is the best choice. We all have those moments where we need to double check if we closed a door because we can’t remember; with the Safety 1st Auto Close gate, you don’t have to worry as it has an automatic closing mechanism; the gate also opens in both directions making it easy to use.

One of the biggest dangers in the home is plug points; when baby crawls about, they are at the perfect height for little ones to get curious and want to stick their fingers into the holes. Do you want to prevent your little one from sticking their fingers into a plug point? Safety 1st Outlet Plug Protectors (From R 59,00) are made with child-resistant rounded edges to fit unused electrical outlets in your house and ensure that baby doesn’t get electrocuted.

Your home will be baby ready with Safety 1st Corner Cushion 4 Pack (From R47.99). The soft, rounded foam absorbs impact. Protect your active child from sharp corners with this four-pack of foam bumpers; they easily apply to tables, counters, and other furniture to soften sharp corners.

Cupboards are another easy hazard for children to get into and play with the contents. Walking into the kitchen and seeing your child creating a ‘meal’ for you in your pots seems like the cutest scene, but the danger comes in when there are cupboards with cleaning products or glass items that are easily accessible. If it is possible, you can move all the dangerous/hazardous items to higher cupboards that they can’t reach; If this is not possible Safety 1st Cabinet Slide Lock (From R 72, 99) will turn your home into a child-friendly zone and ensure that your child stays safe.

Safety on the move

From the moment you leave the safety of the hospital, you are extra cautious with your baby to protect them from the dangers of the world, and you will also want everyone else to be careful. Safety 1st Baby On Board Sign (From R 52,99) hangs from your rear window and alerts all drivers on the road to drive carefully around you.

When driving, it is not ideal to constantly be taking your eyes off the road to glance at the back seat and ensure your child is safe. Safety 1st Child View Mirror (From R 99,99) this adjustable mirror will help you to keep an eye on your child in the back seat; you can use it to watch children that are in either rear-facing or forward-facing car seats; it can attach either to the front or rear window depending on baby’s position.

Keeping your baby safe at home and in the car is not only about ensuring the environment is safe but also ensuring that you have all tools necessary to take care of them. Safety 1st Baby Care Basics set 4 Pack (From R 99,95) has all the essentials for a newborn baby, including a nasal aspirator, a brush and comb, and a fold-up nail clipper that is perfectly sized for those tiny nails.

The Safety 1st 11 Piece healthcare Kit (From R 290,00) is excellent for keeping in the nursery or for storing in the car for any emergencies. Some items included are a digital thermometer, a soft toothbrush, a medicine dropper, and a reversible carry case to store everything. This kit has all the necessities for your little ones’ health needs.

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