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5 Tips for coping with a newborn and a toddler

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I (Kit) gave birth to my son Noah on the 24th August and at the time of his birth my daughter, Sarah, was just over 18 months old. The months since have passed in a flash and whilst I’m still new at this mommying 2 thing; below I share 5 tips of what’s worked for me so far as a mom of 2.

  1. Be intentional with your 1st born during your 3rd Trimester

3rd trimester is hard, hands down…but with a toddler in-tow its SUPER hard. I found my last few weeks of pregnancy particularly trying but in saying that, I made it my mission to be present with Sarah and invest in quality time with her.

I was fortunate enough to have a planned (day before) induction of natural labour and thus had a full day that I got to dedicate to just Se Bear and me. It was the most phenomenal way to end my pregnancy and to feel that I had given her my all, before Noah arrived. PS: I totally sobbed putting her down that night, knowing it was her last night as an only child. Eeek and now the tears come again!

  1. Embrace your time in hospital

I realize that not everyone chooses to have their babe in a hospital, and I totally respect that, but this tip is for those who do.

For me, my time in hospital is what I’ll always remember as bliss for both Noah and me. YES you’re emotional, and sore, and bleeding…but the truth is that while in hospital, you’re expected to do little more than lie in bed and love your little one. First time round, these early days were a blur for me but with my second, I treasured every moment that I got with him in hospital, before the chaos of heading home to a busy toddler began.

  1. Involve your toddler where possible

While I definitely paid 90% of my attention to Noah in his first few days at home, as I got the hang of things (and trust me, it comes back so quickly second time around), I slowly started including Se in our daily activities. I do have a fulltime nanny but Se loves staying with Noah and I. She watches me feed him (she plays at my feet) and my mum bought her a baby bath to bath her doll, whilst I bath Noah – too sweet for words.

  1. Slow down

One kid is hectic.. two is just that little bit more hectic. I laugh as I write that, thinking of me stopping on the side of the road in 5pm traffic, after a play date for Sarah, to tend to a screaming 2-week-old Noah..while Se too screamed at the top of her lungs, not understanding why Noah could get out of his car seat and she couldn’t. But that was just one day…for the most part; I’ve actually been blown away by how easily we’ve sailed through these first few months. The one thing I have taken to heart though, is how important it is to slow down. I’m quick to put the kids in the car and head out and about, but the truth is, that I’m a happier mom (with more breast milk) with happier kids when we take the day slowly!

  1. Be kind to yourself

This is probably my biggest tip for this post. Beautiful, you are totally capable and whilst balancing two seems impossible at times, you’ve got this!!! Trust your mommy instinct and speak kindly to yourself; as just as your kids adjust to the changes they’re experiencing, you too are journeying in your role as mom. <3

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  • Linell Nyakutsikwa February 8, 2018 at 12:09 pm

    Im expecting my third one and my four year old is not interested in the fact that we are having another baby. He is totally against it i hope his attitude changes when the baby has arrived.


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