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Our journey with Wingu Academy – why we changed to Wingu Academy

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At Wingu Academy we always strive to meet our learners and parents where they are at with their needs and requirements. 

If you’re currently wondering if your schooling solution is the right fit for your family, this may give you a different view from a Alexandra Cowley, a Wingu parent’s perspective;

“My journey with Wingu has been two-fold. 

This is part one:

When schools were closed at the beginning of the pandemic, my son was happy to remain at home. He was lucky that his school offered online classes, so he continued with his education. He suffers from anxiety and has always found it hard to fit in, as he grew up overseas and his (our) worldview is sometimes very different to that of small town South Africa, where he was now living with his grandmother, while I still worked overseas.

When schools reopened, he refused to go back. So my journey to find a good online provider started. I looked at MANY options, but found that Wingu was the most helpful in answering all my questions and it offered a curriculum that is strong and accepted worldwide. 

Having taught in British Curriculum schools for almost 15 years myself, I know the curriculum pretty well, so I knew what questions to ask to confirm that Wingu knew what they were doing. 

My son is currently doing his IGCSEs with Wingu and will go on to do his A-levels with them too. The teachers are fantastic, he especially loves his History teacher. Wingu has been super helpful and accommodating to all of our requests. Subject content for the IGCSE is covered thoroughly and the children are given plenty of teacher feedback and support. The platform is easy to navigate and my son has been able to take control of his own learning (I still do check up on him sometimes though). 

Now onto the second part of my journey with Wingu:

Wingu Academy was a life-saver for me and my children when I returned to South Africa with my younger children, aged 8 and 9. They had been in a British Curriculum school all their lives, and putting them into a CAPS school was not an option. Also, as I myself have comorbidities, I was not prepared to risk sending them to school to bring the virus home to me. And constant school closures would mean their education would be continuously interrupted. 

Wingu has offered them an excellent education. Consistently of a high standard, great online teachers and lots of interactive work. The technical team is beyond amazing and any issues are sorted out within a very short period of time.

Wingu values parental input and is always trying to evolve and this adds tremendous value to their platform.

I would recommend them without hesitation to anyone looking for a fantastic alternative to a brick and mortar school.” 

Wingu Academy is not a one-size-fits-all-kind of school. Our guiding principles and value system form the cornerstones of Wingu’s vision to provide affordable world-class education which is research-led and innovation-based.

Special Limited Offer: If your child needs a fresh start and is ready to SWITCH to Wingu Academy from your current school before 31 March 2022, the registration fee is on us! Simply book a consultation with one of our admission specialists at to explain the process.

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  • Thalia March 23, 2022 at 9:23 am

    Wingu Academy looks to be a really good change in terms of education and the development of one’s child/children!

  • Anonymous March 24, 2022 at 11:33 am

    I am definitely going to look at Wingu Academy as a schooling option!


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