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Online Education for Homeschoolers and Cottage schools

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Educ8 SA+ is a brand new premium package of Educ8 SA. We offer international & accredited curriculums with the added benefit of completely virtual supervision and assistance, guidance for choosing curriculum and career paths, and biweekly reporting with daily attendance tracking.

Our excellent daily attendance and academic time tracker functions to hold students accountable and keep them on track. Our bi-weekly report gives you a comprehensive and overall insight to your student’s progress and learning trajectory. We also offer language courses and a wide array of career/skill building courses. Virtual meetings on any matter or topic relating to our students’ progress and academics are readily available to all parents and students.

What we believe We here at Educ8 SA+ believe in offering a consistent, tried and tested solution to parents who are concerned about not giving enough oversight and/or are too busy to give their homeschooled students the time and attention necessary to reach their full potential.

What we aim for The homeschool/self-school journey, as wonderful as it is, is often overwhelming, leading parents and students to be stressed out and far from as focused, efficient, and productive as they can be. Instead of the often seen scenario where students have a great curriculum, but with no structure, they end up never reaching or achieving their full potential. We avoid that by providing structure, oversight, discipline, and a set calendar and schedule. School holidays and public holidays are stipulated on our Educ8 SA+ school calendar.

Additional pros when choosing Educ8 SA+ We offer you, through our curriculum providers, the SAT prep course and micro courses. These courses are part of our scheduled learning paths to widen our student’s knowledge and to grow and develop their interests. There are many courses that students can complete and will pay for at the end once they have committed to obtaining the accreditation, wanting the credits and certificate that these courses offer. Should you want to complete any of these courses (terms and conditions apply) for self enrichment only, there are many courses that you have no obligation to pay for if you do not want the credits and certificate. 

Every Friday, we give our students a break from scheduled school work. Don’t get too excited, this is not an OFF day. Educ8 SA+ uses Fridays as an opportunity to encourage and reward students for self improvement. Fridays are when students get the time to do courses and learn new skills that will help them open doors in their bright futures. 

Zoom meetings or phone calls are available to our students should they need guidance on matters such as proper note taking, motivation, self-discipline, time management, etc. We firmly believe in not only corrective supervision, but adding to our students “toolbox” of life skills. This is done through interaction with our students via motivational conversations, virtual meetings, and 2 webinars every month on topics of self-improvement & self enrichment.

Let’s talk fees 

GR K – 8 (age 14 and under): R700 p/m 

GR 9 -12 & GED: R800 p/m 

Let us know if this piques your interest! 

For more queries and information feel free to email us at 

Warmest of regards, Educ8 SA+ Team 

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