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Life has its own plans; sometimes, things do not work out as we hoped. Some high school students and parents are currently finding themselves amid a relatively stressful time, having to come to terms with June exam results that were not at the standard they expected. 

Perhaps some red lights are going off for you as a parent, with the prospect that your child might need serious academic intervention. The good news is that it is never too late to re-evaluate and make the necessary changes to reach the desired outcome. Suppose you are keen to pursue Tertiary studies. In that case, it is essential to ensure that you are ready from the get-go and that you can successfully apply without creating additional stress and anxiety. If you take action now, this is doable even if you didn’t perform at your best in the mid-year exams.

Here are some tips to assist you on your academic journey:

1. Setting goals

Ensure that you set measurable goals for yourself, both academically and personally. Measure this timeously and regularly,  and reward yourself for reaching goals. Remember to review and revise your goals continuously! A good idea would be to write them down and keep them somewhere visible at all times.

2. Are you in the right school?

Make sure that your schooling environment supports your needs. At Abbotts College, for example, we issue 7 academic report cards throughout the year, which assists you in setting up reasonable goals. We also offer after-hour academic support, where you can contact your subject teachers to get academic support until 20:00. During our Homework lesson, students can consult on a one-on-one basis with any of their subject teachers. Parents often think they should only move students at the beginning of the year, we have found that students that move now have the benefit of adapting before the start of the new year.  

3. Softer skills are important

The softer skills such as effective time management, planning study times and schedules, and self-management skills are critical. It is vital to balance academics and free time to exercise and spend quality time away from the books with family and friends. Click here to download a template that can support your needs.

4. Plan your future

Do the necessary research at different Tertiary institutions. Note the entry requirements, AP scores and subject choice combinations which are required to apply. Measure your current results to these requirements. If you do not currently meet them, put goals in place to ensure sufficient improvement to be able to apply. Two or three options is a safe space, as life does not always go according to our own plans. If you are still unsure, consult an educational psychologist who can assist you with aptitude tests. If you are uncertain about educational psychologists, contact your closest Abbotts College, which can assist you with a referral.

Not all schools are the same, and you must ensure that your chosen school is the best fit for your child and their academic needs. Do not hesitate to consider a school such as Abbotts College that might be less traditional yet more focused on academic processes, allowing it to go the extra mile to facilitate academic success for our students. The right environment combined with the right approach can make all the difference. 

In closing, remember a negative mind will never give you a positive outcome. Good luck for the remainder of the academic year.

By Izak Stander: Principal of Abbotts College Northcliff

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