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LU & THE BALLY BUNCH – Ladybird Lu

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Lu is a ladybird who has started school at Ms Shella’s Shell School with her new friends in the village of Ballybug. Lu and her ‘Bally Bunch’ of five insect classmates learn how to laugh, play, and navigate their new social lives together at school, dealing with the ups and downs of getting along and sharing a new space with other children and learning about one of life’s most important skills – how to be a friend. 

Inspired by creator Nicky Phelan’s memories of helping his mum in her own preschool, there’s nothing as funny as seeing a bunch of three-year-olds fail to navigate each other and nothing as heart-warming as seeing them learn to get along.

📺 Premiere: Monday, 9 October @ 17:40 CAT
Tune in: Mondays – Fridays @ 17:40 CAT
Also available on DStv Catch Up

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